Let Greece taste the lovely flavours of Communism

David Davis

I came across this nice piece in Forbes. Very good read.

(WordPress tells me this is “our 3,684th post…nifty!” I haven’t seen the word “nifty” for years, and I’m uncertain that today’s young persontrons would understand what it means, or would be frightfully delighted if they knew. I hope the WordPress website writer does.)

À-propos of nothing linguistic but of critical interest to the post, who here remembers the BBC’s (and most of the 1970s-British-media’s) positive attitude towards what they called “Euro-Communism”, and how it was “inevitable” and “ultimately desirable”? The agenda was in full swing from about 40 years ago, but we didn’t really notice.

One response to “Let Greece taste the lovely flavours of Communism

  1. Has anybody else noticed, that you now seem to have to TELL the WordPress edit-screen the colours of text that you want, at least twice, to get them to work? Or is it just me?