And: what did I say?

David Davis

Edit: The Last Ditch picks up on this thought too.

As I have been saying, the more the GramscoNazi knives queue up in an increasingly populistic, self-regarding-mob-driven and ordered way, to twist in the writhing body of News International, the more we realise, and see the depth of the physical hatred towards, non-PC, non-BBC-approved, and “non-regulated” media. This piece in today’s DT will, in a few years, be unprintable in British newspapers – if any still exist – if the Political EnemyClass gets its way over the saga triggered by the News of the World.

I think it’s right to state that the GFNs have never forgiven Murdoch for Wapping. And one could argue that Rebekah Wade was always a “double-agent”, possibly parachuted in years ago by the EnemyClass. To sue us for libel, the EnemyClass would have to prove that (1) it does not exist and has no agenda – difficult after it has spent to many years cheerfully and gleefully saying, very publicly, that that is what it is and is for, and (2) Rebekah Wade does not believe in promoting any of these objectives at all, even for one moment.

It’s time to defend the principle that any private individual, if successful enough, can own as much MSM as he can afford to. If he transmits stuff people want to watch, or prints stuff they want to read, and does not go bankrupt whilse so doing, then he should be uninterfered with by the StaliNaziState. If he “interferes with private communications” using the help of the Police (as is clearly what’s been going on here) then charges can be brought. But when the StaliNaziState proposes “breaking up the Murdoch Empire” and “regulation” (as it shortly will) then it’s time to buzz the tower.

One response to “And: what did I say?

  1. C H Ingoldby

    It seems that the failures that have upset people are all activities that are currently against the law anyway. Enforcing existing laws would have a much greater effect than simply adding additional laws.

    Of course, making new laws means politicians can boast about their activity and bureaucrats get to expand their power bases.