Rebekah Wade – a double agent for the Enemy Class…?

Michael Winning

Ive been following the Nwes of the World story a little bit slightly from the mountaintops. I find that the DD has got a conspiracy theory going. Not one for these me but it sounds plausible. Could the Rebekah Wade woman who has “form” for being leftyNazi in some ways, like wanting to trash the houses of people called paediatricins because she likes it if mobs go after people (its news), be a Enemy class pplant to ruin the Murdoch thing because he decided he hated the government in 2010 and upset Gordon bronw? And so then Cameron could not have the Murdoch channels here either properly, because the point is government and what it can do and how it has to stop cirticism?

How do we know that Cameron and his fellas don’t still dine in London with the Brown fellows. It all smells. And if someone was going to try to make channels which would be sort of tea party-ish, then the could nt allow it? Specially now when they are in their end-game.


One response to “Rebekah Wade – a double agent for the Enemy Class…?

  1. I am sceptical about this class claptrap. What I do not like here is that fools like Cameron ,& the rest on the gloried dole at Westminister, being successful in their crass suggestions of who should be sacked.