A goody from toby Young

Michale Winning

Toby Young, he of How to lose friends and alienate people, does a good demolition job on Gordon Brown today. Earlier on here DD has got at Brown for saying things he thinks are actionable at law abut Murdoch and his bisiness, although doing so in the Privilege of the Commons.

I must admit it does look a bit smelly for Brown if everyone would notice the inconsistencies in the dates. Interesting too that Brown has hadly said a word in the Commons since being thrown out. Do I smell a long planned conspiracy here, against privately owned big-media that decide to oppose the government? Could this be the start of something sinister?

5 responses to “A goody from toby Young

  1. I’m sure it is something sinister, all of it. From my perspective, everyone involved in this thing are basically a bunch of grubby, despicable characters. It’s like watching a power struggle at the Soviet Kremlin. You just wish that when the dust clears, they would all be destroyed.

  2. Yes. Soros is in there, after Glen beck went after him, he and the Democrats are determined to destroy Fox, and see this as an opportunity to do so. On this side of the pond, the elite are determined not to allow a British Fox to compete with the left wing BBC. The last thing they want is a UK Tea party. Murdoch is not an attractive hero, but sadly he must be supported.

  3. Next Up!
    Met Police to probe alleged “hacking” by the wicked (press) Barons, of King John’s phone, in Magna-Carta pre-signing “negotiations”.

  4. The game’s afoot!

  5. The reason Brown hasn’t said much in the HoC is that he hasn’t bloody been there. He has attended about 10-15 times in the past 14 months. It seems he has been on a number of overseas speaking gigs earning about £36 grand a time.

    In what other fucking job in the world could you show up less than 10% of the time, without a sicknote or any other reason, still picking up your full salary+ expenses AND at the same time be doing other paid work (on your employers time), no questions asked.
    All that and he has the insolence to appear in the media blubbering about how ill-used he’s been?.