If you sup with the devil, use a (very, very) long spoon

David Davis

I notice that someone described as “Gordon Brown” has today in the House said that News International has “links with the criminal underworld”. As I facebooked just now, this statment could well be actionable but the atrocious bugger has said in in the House of Commons.

Sean Gabb has for long tried to emphasis the potentially damaging (for ordinary peoplr, for liberalism and for liberty) cosy links between Big-government and Big-business. I have not always shared his distruct of big-business in the mutual backscratching, preferring to believe that most bsuinessmen are not as sinister as most politicians.

However, what this continuing story shows is that eventually the government-monster, if it decides it’s in its own interest to do so, will destroy you, even if you are Rupert Murdoch. I am minded of Richard Blake’s descriptions of Byzantine show-trials in the Circus*, held by emperors who had decided either that a powerful person no longer pleased them or that they’d rather like to confiscate his wealth.

*The Terror of Constantinople, by Richard Blake

One response to “If you sup with the devil, use a (very, very) long spoon

  1. I feel strangely conflicted about all this. On the one hand, it is obvious that the GFNs are determined to destroy Murdoch, so that’s bad. On the other hand, NI have ruthless destroyed numerous people- including all those fallen vicars in the News Of The Screws- so they’re getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Really, it just reminds me that all this is ruling class backstabbery, much like the intrigues of the Roman palace and we are merely onlookers; the more naive of the plebians of course being fooled into supporting one or another faction.

    No doubt at some point, we will all be tricked into congregating in the circus, where we will be massacred. I don’t like that Justinian much, but his missus is a bit of all right, phwooar.