What do you call a fake-charity that says one thing and does the opposite?

David Davis

Well, there’s one here. Everyone knows that the only strategic objective of the “National Obesity Forum” is to bring in Nazi food-rationing. That modern humans can be large and get aay with it, while also being more helthy and living a longer median lifetime than ever in our evolution, is cause for triumphalism, not grumpy bullying StaliNazi teeth-gnashing. (H/t Legiron anyway.)

Legiron thinks that what he calls “The Righteous” are inept galumphing bullies, and that their plan is falling apart. I do not. They are bullies, for sure, but they’re far, far more astoundingly artful than a waggon-load of howler-monkies, and know precisely what they are doing, where their train is heading for, and exactly how fast.

5 responses to “What do you call a fake-charity that says one thing and does the opposite?

  1. C H Ingoldby

    Nothing seems to stop these parasitic organisations. Whatever the circumstances, however openly ridiculous and utterly worthless or counterproductive they are, they still apply enough moral blackmail to get taxpayers money and influence policy.

    I doubt this clear example of lying hypocrisy will have any impact at all.

  2. C H Ingoldby

    Oh, and I much prefer sugar to aspartame, acesulfame-K and saccharin, anyone promoting those chemicals as a ‘healthy’ choice is automatically dubious in my opinion.

  3. I much prefer honey to sugar, in tea, on toast, in porridge. I just wish I could afford it all the time.
    There was news item today by some expert on health with overwhelming concern for the nation’s well-being. ‘Toddlers need at least three hours of exercise a day’
    Nothing to do with this obesity forum is it?anyone else saw the clip?
    Back in the real world it’s a pretty good parent that can get a toddler to sit still. What school have these people come from, and how much do they earn, and why oh why does the beeb keep giving them air-time. Come to think of it, why do I keep watching it?

  4. Howard R Gray

    The obesitynazis are at it again, more corrupt self-serving, nose poking busybodies, can never leave well alone. The usual method is to get into the high schools and proselytize their grubby trade in quasi-socialist bovine fertilizer. The attendant corruption is perhaps illustrative of good socialism performing true to type.

    At least this bunch are nakedly corrupt and don’t seem to have a problem with being such. I guess it is a sign of the times that corruption no longer seems to matter, even to the supposedly well-meaning watch poodles of the left.

    The one good thing is that Coca-Cola knows a good business deal and they see it and seize the moment to pay off a pseudo-charity to back up their marketing plans for their tasteless diet drinks, inclusive of the formaldehyde in a few parts per million. Personally, I prefer Pepsi and I never, ever, touch those revolting brain embalming diet drinks from whoever sells them. Ho hum, life goes on. Here in New Hampshire they haven’t adapted the state motto to read, “Drink Coke then …..live free and die”.

    It is precisely the jobswurf mentality that provides the engine for these nasty, irrelevant, pseudo-charities. They believe that what they are doing benefits the rest of us, it never occurs to them that a bit of bribery on the side is far worse than the obesity they bang on about. It is a crime is it not? These are the slithy toaths that get out thier bongs for a “smoke” but condemn smoking tobacco. Go figure!

    Personally, I’m with the polar bears that supposedly drink Coke in the wastes of the far North under the Polestar, drinking and enjoying their beverages of choice and to hell with the nosy obesitynazis. No doubt the busybodies would attempt to ensure polar bears would be condemned to diet drinks for their own good, that of course, is something your average bear might decide, in retaliation, to add one or more nosy busybody to the lunch menu and forgo quality smoked salmon pilfered from RCMP snow-cats.

  5. Obesity is a problem of epidemic proportions.

    A major problem is that foods are energizing the ‘reward’ opiate pathways in the brain, and the food engineers are busy making food products that are even more habituating. This resets the body’s ‘fat point’ upwards, leading to further eating. The medical and lifestyle costs are vast. At least, if people are aware of the processes at work they can make more intelligent choices.

    David Ramsay Steele once described ‘socialism’ as an imaginary social system whereby everyone could have whatever they want and do whatever they liked.