Well, wasn’t I prophetic…not.

David Davis

Last NoW on Sunday…..

3 responses to “Well, wasn’t I prophetic…not.

  1. Perhaps is was haemorrhaging money and he just wanted an excuse to be rid of it? (Nobody in his right mind would buy the thing…)

  2. C H Ingoldby

    I did read that it was still profitable.

    To take such a dramatic move suggests real fear, not just concerns with bad publicity. I wonder what worst case scenarios lawyers have been describing to Executives.

    On an anecodotal note, I once had the aquaintance of a reporter who did some freelance work with NoW and from what he told me at the time I got the distinct impression that bugging and hacking were considered perfectly normal parts of the job and that this was pretty much openly sanctioned inside the paper.

  3. Brooks/Wade and Coulson at the very least need to face criminal charges and, if they are guilty of what is claimed, go to prison.

    This isn’t just about the actual crimes- though the Milly Dowler business, if correct, is beyond disgusting- it is also about the fact that scumrags like the NotW trade on a ludicrous cod-moralisation. This isn’t merely a “scandal”; some naughty dignitary caught in a compromising position. It is far, far more serious than that. It is very much time that light was shone into the dark corners of the yellow journalism industry.

    I sincerely look forward to the conviction of Rebekah Brooks on multiple charges. Bring it on.