News re Richard Blake

by Sean Gabb

My friend Mr Blake, who is, among much else, a critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling novelist, tells me that his latest masterpiece, Ghosts of Athens, has been accepted by Messrs Hodder & Stoughton in its first draft. This means no need for rewriting, beyond the usual mass of typing mistakes. He asks his friend to rejoice, just rejoice.

4 responses to “News re Richard Blake

  1. C H Ingoldby

    Congratulations to Mr Blake. I look forward to buying a copy.

  2. You don’t have to wait until June 2012. You can buy a copy of his Sword of Damascus right now. Our Blogmaster might testify to its many excellencies. If he won’t I will.

  3. I am reading “The Sword of Damascus” as we speak, nearly through. It is possibly Blake’s best yet. Certainly, it is very technical which pleases me. Blake has done a lot of scientific research for that one.

  4. Such is the intense demand that Amazon keep delaying the delivery of my eagerly anticipated copy. Congratulations Mr Blake!