Could this be the death of the “News of the World”? I doubt it.

David Davis

There’s a very interesting battle, or should I say “Skirmish Within the Agreed Terms of Public Discourse”, going on right now regarding the morality of advertising in a British mass-market-Sunday-magazine, described as a “newspaper”, called “The New of the World”. There may even be some reason why the British Political Enemy-Class suddenly wants this paper to fail or be shut down, but I can’t right now see what it is.

For the benefit of our overseas readers who are not up to speed on the mechanics of this paper, we often slangly dub it “The News of the Screws”. At Oxford, many years ago, we sometimes called it “The Nudes of the World”: it sometimes used to get stolen from the JCR reading desk if there was a moe than ususally toothsome young woman in a bikini, or a little less sometimes, on what subsequently became “Page 3”, a few years later. One of its main focuses is on which “fun-loving girl and aspiring singer/actress” is currently or has been sleeping with which foot ballist, in which hotel(s). All this is of course reported “in the public interest”, since the foot ballists concerned are what is called “Role Models”, and even often, “Family men”.

This foot ballist crap is to be the subject of another analysis-piece in due course, but speaking entirely personally, in my capacity as Principal-Secretary-of-State-for-War-and-Other-Foreign-Relations, I’ll ensure that all foot ballists working in British Teams and earning more than, say £250,000 a year from “foot ball” primarily, will be prohibited from marrying anyone whatsoever for the duration of their professional careers. They may , though, still f*** as may clubbing-call-girls as pleases them, all the time, an activity at which they excell: this is to avoid all this “family man” bullshit. These buggers are not “family men: they are not meant to be – they are not designed to be – nobody expected it of the fellas, even. This is a measure merely to sweep up some dross and pointless wasted column-inches from the MSM and free it up for more instructive reporting, such as the to-be-celebrated-recent-rises in the national output of pig-iron tonnage and mined coal, which will of course be of much more educational interest.

Now, this tabloid newspaper, the News of the World, prides itself on exposing the mainly sexual private doings of well-known people in popular culture. There may be papers like this is other cultures not of the Anglosphere, such as in Saudi-Arabia, but I’m not so far aware of them. Recently, however, it has got itself into some slightly hot water over its alleged “hacking of the private phones of” people such as recent war-widows, and others. Now one can see how the paper would justify such actions, were they to come to court, using its “public interest” defence. The question is whether a specific crime has been committed.

As a conservative libertarian minimal-statist, who also believes there is a specific GramscoFabiaNazi conspiracy to erase Western culture and civilisation and British/English in particular, I say that this is long planned and very minutely strategised. (Laugh now….Thank you.) It is to desocialise, animalise and finally brutalise an entire people upon whom revenge for giving liberalism to the world is sought, wiping from them all memory of what once was and should be, in the process. Certain organs of communication are required: the Wire-less Tele Vision has for long been infiltrated by these people. Abolishing the BBC will have to be only the start – most of the remaining channels directed at especially the UK will have to be taken down and re-staffed form the ground up.

But the tradition of reading paper newspapers remains strong, and the circulation of the NoW was once in sight of six million. It would be important for the Enemy-Class, even today, to keep a stranglehold on what it sees as “its” constituency and client-votariat, despite its reach being probably only half that. The need to keep the “Old White Working Class” anaesthatised in vicarious sex between pretty slebs and footballists, and foot ball itself, so as not to perhaps have its “consciousness raised” by the wrong leftists (such as, er, the BNP) remains strong also.

So I’m not really amazed at what seems now to be coming out. Rebekah Wade (as was) , the Editor of this paper, has “previous” too, in other tabloid incarnations, espousing populist/mob loves/hates also in the “public interest”, such as the public hounding of convicted  time-served sex-offenders. I quote, from Wikipedia:-

While at the News of the World, she oversaw its controversial campaign of “naming and shaming” convicted child sex offenders, after the murder of Sarah Payne.[9] The paper’s decision led to angry mobs terrorising those they suspected of being child sex offenders,[10] which included several cases of mistaken identity and one instance where a paediatrician had her house vandalised, apparently by people who misunderstood her occupational title to be the same as paedophile.[11][12] The campaign was labelled “grossly irresponsible” journalism by the then Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, Tony Butler,[4] but Wade defended the paper’s actions in a rare interview on the BBC’s Breakfast with Frost, stating that it was “only right that the public have controlled access” to information on sex offenders.[13] The paper’s already strong sales held up well under her leadership, while those of rival Sunday newspapers The People and the Sunday Mirror fell more sharply.[14]

One is tempted to think there may be an establishment move to excise this paper from our national life. However, I don’t think so: it remains too useful as an opiate and a soothing-balm for the troubled brows of Poor Whites, who otherwise might go on the rampage.

Just some quick thoughts: my Chimpanzee Type-Writers haven’t typed this much in weeks as rheumatoid takes its toll of all of the squad at once, but wethought we’d share this idea with all you clever souls?

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  1. The News of the World smashed up Paul Anderton – now deceased – back in 2001. He was never the same afterwards, and I think the set up helped shorten his life. The principal in his downfall was some Indian with a mouth full of gold teeth. I really hope he never works again.