Perhaps he’s just gransstanding, but with the present Queen’s reccord of spinelssness, it’s best to fire the buggers now, to make sure

Michael Winning

I just saw this, me. Salmond is pushing ‘is boat out to be sure. I like the plan of sneding him an invoice, me, I think, for all the moneys since Joel Barnett. The boss says we should give him the gas and the ooil. I don’t know about that, let him go to the Euro people or the IMF I think.

5 responses to “Perhaps he’s just gransstanding, but with the present Queen’s reccord of spinelssness, it’s best to fire the buggers now, to make sure

  1. I think a fair compromise would be to pack the old dear off to Queen it over the Scotch – she is, after all, half that way inclined herself – while leaving England to a Lord Protector.

  2. C H Ingoldby

    One day the Scots might actually get given what they say they want.

    I predict they (with the except of the parasitic ruling elite) be deeply dismayed and shocked. They are acting like whiny little chlldren complaining about how horrible their parents are and how much they want to leave, but the second their parent say ‘ok, go on and leave’ they will be mortified.

  3. I somehow remember that much the same thing happened at the time of the “Velvet Divorce” of Czechoslovakia into its (now) two component main nations. (Nobody of course asked the poor pig-in-the-middle-Moravians what they wanted: I know, I was there while it took place.) I seem to remember that a large number of Slovaks shouted “hang on, that’s not quite what we meant…” Sean would be able to give better guidance here as he was The Unitary Fount Of State Power at the time.

  4. Howard R Gray

    What is the point of Scottish independence within the European Union? The Midlothian question will no longer be stuck with its loathsome answer. Separating from England within the European Union is rather like playing soccer in Cardiff Arms Park, something you probably shouldn’t do!

    The Scottish Nationalist Party is bogus and clearly so as it is not a secessionist party in the true sense of that idea. It is meaningless to stay in the EU. Being a Scot myself I marvel at the stupidity of those who ever thought Scottish independence had any meaning at all in the hands of a Scots Nats.

    Repatriating the stone of Scone North of the border permanently won’t change anything either. European meddling, confiscatory taxes and falling living standards are awaiting those who came up with this ridiculous scheme irrespective of whose backside adorns the stone.

    No doubt Para Handy’s Vital Spark will be beached by European bureaucratic Red tape permanently. Scotland will join England as a confirmed back water. Perhaps it’s time for a genuine tea party meeting for the first time in Boston England to include our friends north of the border. So many times new political parties form then wither and die. The same Quisling supposedly conservative operation rolls onwards not much changes. As I say, how about a real homegrown Boston tea party with real tea?

    True Scottish nationalism, if it means anything at all, should mean independence. Possibly i including resignation from the Commonwealth. That would be radical and of course is not likely to happen ever.
    So here we are, Scotland will secede from the union, whoopee! If there was ever a nonevent this is one of them. I shall studiously ignore it as entirely irrelevant!
    Nuff said.

  5. I’m generally in favour, since Scotland is a primary socialist heartland. I’ve nothing against the Scots, in fact I am one quarter scottish myself (my left leg) but getting rid of Scotland and preferably Wales too would be a major realignment of the electoral arithmetic. Basically, the fewer Calvinists, Methodists, etc, the better.