I have found out what Godwin’s Law is

David Davis

Last night, I had the grave misfortune to fail to avoid, in the house, televised snatches of the impossibly self-regarding and arrogant Stephen Fry (described as a registered clever-person) on some programme with the awful “Jo Brand”.

I got caught in the shrapnel of Fry’s utterances as I passed. Anybody else who, henceforth, compares me with this pompous twit (sadly I sound  like him, so they say, and I know lots of stuff etc etc etc…) will suffer the flails of my barbed writings.

Yes, you’ve guessed it: other members of my family actually “use” a Wire-less Tele Vision Apparatus. I occasionally try to get it removed back to The Man Who Installed It, without much success.

They were discussing Godwin’s Law, which I had heard referred to knowingly by many internetties over the years, but was afraid to ask what it was: if I did, then my un-knowing-ness would be revealed publicly to all and I would be killed.

But all you people who have clearly known it for years will all be relieved, that I can now slink into your company – still standing timidly at the back and nodding approvingly at anything sounding vaguely intellectual, mind – and hold my head a little higher.

I have, of course, been outing the GramscoStaliNazi nature of our main enemies for years: almost five now on here, and for varying times in other places. Perhaps there ought to be a counter-hypothesis, David’s Law – which states that as a discussion about leftists which have been correctly-tagged at the start as Nazis progresses, the probability that someone will say the phrase “swivel-eyed” or “Little Englander” approaches 1.

6 responses to “I have found out what Godwin’s Law is

  1. It’s rather sad really. Godwin’s Law began as an observational “Law” like Murphy’s Law (or a law of physics) but our GramscoFabiaNazi friends transformed it into a regulation. It started off as, “any argument will end up getting so heated that people will call each other Nazis” and ended up as “you have mentioned the Nazis, you have broken Godwin’s Law, I winz!”.

    “We ought to kill all the Jews.”

    “What, like the Nazis?”

    “Godwin’s Law!”

  2. Hell yea, i want write a person of end like this but didnt desire epoch, may i repost this I have ground out what Godwin’s Law is | The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG
  3. The nice thing about the LA Blog is the surreal spam.

  4. It’s really strange Ian isn’t it. We do try hard to keep the buggers out, but, well, you know, they just keep on coming…(er, I ought not to have said that I guess…) I’ll leave that one in as it is so droll.

  5. It’s just another way of shutting down debates. The plain fact is (as you alone seem to be prepared to speak) many of the techniques and ideas the powers that be use today received their most notable outings under National Socialism. It is very useful to point this out, as they were not only taught to everyone at school, but are also universally recognised as Bad Guys.
    Creating a sort of technical foul against such an effective tactic has been a major victory for Hitler’s ideological children, whether it was a deliberate ploy or not.

  6. Edward Spalton

    Go to http://www.freenations.freeuk.com,
    Look up “The EU’s Evil Pedigree” and read my translation of two German papers from 1942 which were under the title. “European Economic Community”.
    People frequently try to invoke Godwin’s law when I mention these papers with regard to the EEC’s policies. Agriculture, the larges one, followed the 1942 policies for forty years.