Private plates and State-Puritanism

David Davis

This fellow bought ” BO11 LUX” quite legally from the DVLA for £399. Now they say it’s “offensive” and threaten him with arrest if he displays it.

I think Ian B’s comments on my posting below are relevant here.

7 responses to “Private plates and State-Puritanism

  1. Offensive? Good grief. It took me a few mins, poor soul I know, to work it out. The Politically Correct Dicktators, whoops I mean Dictators, know know boundaries do they?

    They will be banning the Carry On films next.

  2. Don’t give them ideas.

  3. Oh, they’re a terrible lot. But it’s not really the prudery that matters. Well, that does matter, particularly to me, but that’s not the thing I think.

    The dastardly thing was that John Calvin. Because he made men unequal before God, and thus made it acceptable for one man to rule another- not by power, not by status, not by force of arms as traditionally- but by greater virtue. In the Puritan scheme, some of us are destined for heaven, some for Hell, and God decided who at the dawn of time, and nothing can be done to change it. Salvation for some, not for all. And if you’re one of the Elect, it’s your job to rule your fellows.

    That’s the terrible thing of Puritanism. It’s where this kind of governance came from. It’s Jesus for me, but not for you. That’s the terrible heresy.

    Well, that’s my theory anyway.

  4. The good ol’ state eh? Kill Gaddafi’s young grand children ~ no problem there, display a number plate that they were dumb enough to sell in the first place ~ you naughty prole.
    The barrack-room lawyer in me thinks he could rely upon the implied consent to display by virtue of the voluntary sale and subsequent lawful contract.

  5. C H Ingoldby

    Odd, this State morality. It is offensive to have a midly risque number plate and at exactly the same time it is offensive to object to homosexual guests having sex in your B&B.

    It is certainly hard to find any underlying logic.

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