Libertarian Alliance News Release on the Car Smoking Ban

News Release from: Sean Gabb, Director, the Libertarian Alliance
Contact: Sean Gabb – – 07956 472 199
Release Date: Wednesday the 22nd June 2011
Release Time: Immediate
Other Details: See below

Sean  Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance on BBC Three Counties Radio, on
Wednesday the 22nd June 2011, to discuss whether smoking should be
banned in cars where children are present. A Bill to this effect was
discussed on that day in Parliament.

Sean says no for these reasons:

•  The claim that 300,000 children suffer ill-effects every year in the
United Kingdom from “passive smoking” is a falsehood. There is no way
of gathering such data. There is even no sound epidemiological evidence
that passive smoking even exists. The alleged figure of 300,000 children
is what is called a “junk statistic.” It is in the same league as the
claims made in the 1980s about the number of people who would die of
aids by 1990, or the claims made in the 1990s about the numbers who
would soon be dead from mad cow disease. It is almost as gross a
falsehood as the fraudulent global warming claims made by British
•  These statistics produced by pressure groups and
politicians are plainly dubious on their own account. Every single
statistical claim reported by the media and accepted by the politicians
seems to justify higher taxes or tighter controls on adult actions, or
both. There was a time when it was necessary to bribe priests into
saying that God wanted if before the authorities could oppress ordinary
people. Nowadays, a set of junk statistics is produced.
•  The demand for a smoking ban in cars is also an instance of the “saving the
kiddies” argument. This proceeds by hiding the agenda of control behind a
cloud of hot air about the need to protect children.

Therefore, the Libertarian Alliance is against any smoking ban in cars.

Listen here:


Notes to Editors

The  Libertarian Alliance was founded in 1979, and is the foremost civil
liberties and free market policy institute in the United Kingdom. With
over 800 publications already available, its website grows by the week.

Dr  Sean Gabb is Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He has written over a
dozen books and around a million words of journalism, and has appeared
on hundreds of radio and television programmes. His seven novels have
been commercially translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian,
Slovak and Complex Chinese. His latest novel, The Churchill Memorandum,
can be found on Amazon

His latest book, Smoking, Class and the Legitimation, was released on the 22nd June 2011, and can be seen here:

6 responses to “Libertarian Alliance News Release on the Car Smoking Ban

  1. #4 – the children belong to their parents, not to the government.
    #5 – the parents belong to themselves, not to the state.
    #6 – how the hell they gonna check? First, spot checks by physical coppers standing by roadsides. Then by specially adapted security/speed cameras. Then by legislation forcing all car manufacturers to include smoke detectors in vehicles. Then by … (use your imagination).
    #7 – This is another example of laws that have unintended consequences.
    (From H. Spencer’s excellent “The Man Versus the State”, ch. 1: “It is said that when railways were first opened in Spain, peasants standing on the tracks were not unfrequently run over; and that the blame fell on the engine-drivers for not stopping: rural experiences having yielded no conception of the momentum of a large mass moving at a high velocity.
    The incident is recalled to me on contemplating the ideas of the so-called “practical” politician, into whose mind there enters no thought of such a thing as political momentum, still less of a political momentum which, instead of diminishing or remaining constant, increases. The theory on which he daily proceeds is that the change caused by his measure will stop where he intends it to stop. He contemplates intently the things his act will achieve, but thinks little of the remoter issues of the movement his act sets up, and still less its collateral issues.”)

  2. There are 13 million smokers in this country. If everyone of them wrote to Cameron (hereinafter known as the plastic faced twat or PFT for short) and informed him that the next time even one of his morons so much as said the word smoking that they (the smoker) would join UKIP (as the only party NOT leagued against smokers) and vote UKIP at the next election, that would be the end of attacks on smoking. The various mouthy medical hacks who have been sounding off lately would suddenly discover that the making of public statements had been re-classified as gross misconduct by their employers and once one or two had hit the bricks the rest would shut up.

    The only obstacle to the end of the war on smoking is the weakness ,cowardice and stupidity of “the people” themselves. We need a way to change that or a way around that before freedom can get anywhere. That is the central issue that should concern Libertarians, not endless accounts of the states crimes.

  3. @Mr Ecks
    The people have been deliberately made into sheeple by very very very slow and careful FabiaNazi frog-boiling. The content, first of their school syllabuses, then their newspapers and then, as the Wireless Tele Vision gained penetration and went colour, their TV stations. I’m quite sure this is all written down somewhere as a plan, and that every “trusty” identified in his/her first-year up, by Terry Eagleton, has received a sealed copy.

    The number of people who fingered-out the “trusties”, and are therefore identifiable as chiefly responsible for destroying, Gramsci-fashion, the people’s ability to understand liberty and (more crucial) to react appropriately to threats to it, is under a couple of dozen. It’s too late to punish those for they are all very old or dead. But there can’t be more than a few hundred “trusties” – a few thousand at the very outside.

    If all the insidious influences keeping the sheeple anaesthatised were removed at a stroke, it would help. But it’s not an easy thing to do. Personally, I think the game is lost, and we’ll have to fall down into the Endarkenment, for decades, possibly centuries. It does rather depend on the moral force and power able to be deployed by newer, less fully-corrupted peoples in places like ChindoBrazilia. These are used to applying violence towards objectives more recently that we in the Anglosphere. They may be able to liberate us down the line somewhere. I do not know.

  4. Indeed, David.

    Mr Ecks’s point about smokers standing up for themselves is this; the Enemy a long while ago realised that to silence opponents, you must make them ashamed of what they are. Ashamed to be a smoker, or a drinker. Ashamed to be christian. Ashamed to be conservative. Ashamed to be liberal (in the original, dying sense of the word).

    Take another example; millions of people like pornography. But they are ashamed to. They would not admit it to their friends, their families. They thus will never march in the streets for the right to look at pornography.

    It is not that they are sheeple, as such. It is the manipulation of peer group pressure. Smokers are ashamed; they feel that they cannot speak up, for they will face such condemnation, so they cling in gratitude to the last few allowed places to smoke that they have, and will do nothing as those last few are taken away.

    This is how the Enemy works.

  5. They still sound like sheeple to me.

  6. C H Ingoldby

    Out of interest, does the LA have anyway of knowing how many, or if any, media outlets actually pick up on news releases like this one?

    I’m interested in what impact it has.