Boris Johnson, a politican, speaking something like the truth

David Davis

It s hard to see how “Europe” – and I can’t see the Central Bank of China (or India or Brazil or South Africa or Russia or China or Japan or Pakistan helping either, in this crisis….I am rather running out of powerful countries’ central banks now, and I didn’t even mention the USA (whose Central Bank probably has enough problems of its own without having to contemplate those of others) agreeing to continue to “bail out” sinking Greece any more. After all, they have now Ireland, italy, Spain, Portugal and (probably) Slovenia, Slobodia, Ruritania, Malvinia, Unobtainia, Upper-Jipoo-Poo-Land and Lower-Unzippo-Land to deal with in short order.

The poor Greeks simply ought not to have let themselves be undermined by a GramscoStaliNazi political Enemy-Class which wanted to encompass their enslavement. Stalin, the Prime Nazi, who distinguished himelf by killing more people in less time over a larger area and for less money spent than even Hitler or Mao-ze-Tung,  had it in for them all along: he even planned their engulfment while we would not be looking in 1944, as he wanted their ship bases and coastline to assault Italy, France, Spain and our dominions and bases in the Med, for StaliNazism. He was very frank, always.  He said so openly, and FDR wetted himself with delight at that and thought Churchill was a drunken wimp to demur and try to offer alternaitves. Churchill at least saved the Greeks from direct Nazi-Stalinization in 1945. But it clearly was not enough because of the Greek temperament, the beauty of their topography, and the niceness of sun and sand and Retzina.

2 responses to “Boris Johnson, a politican, speaking something like the truth

  1. It’s wrong to gloat – especially when our own “money” is about to become worthless even faster than the Euro can manage. But it’s also very, very hard not to have a litte gloat.

  2. C H Ingoldby

    As long as our government has the basic sanity not to get involved with this tar baby from Hades, then I intend to stand back and have a little gloat. I also intend to say ‘I told you so’ on a repeated basis.

    However, I am concerned that our government will allow itself to be involved in this nightmare. Afterall, it might be quite socially embarassing to turn down an appeal to solidarity over at a good dinner party, much more embarassing than just signing up the British taxpayer to giving uncountable billions to unaccountable foreigners.