Ken Clarke at the Eurosauce again

David Davis

It seems it’s him what kept the Euro thing alive in the 90s, to keep it going when everyone else was getting cold feet. Something will have to be done about the man: his superficial buffoonery clearly hides a much more evila mind than one can imagine, from looking at the bugger.

4 responses to “Ken Clarke at the Eurosauce again

  1. C H Ingoldby

    I once attended a small meeting at which he and Edwina Currie were the speakers.

    When asked about Europe, Mr Clarke said that he ‘looked forward to the day when Parliament had the status and power of a local council’.

    That moment stays in my mind whenever I here Europhiles talk about how Britain is stronger in Europe than out.

  2. I wonder what the EuroNazis have been lacing his wine with, then (I expect it’s wine.)

  3. I like Ken but this always struck me as a big black mark on his political slate.
    As achievements go, some guy from Luxembourg hailing you as a single currency Superman is not really one you’d be queuing up for…
    Euro stuff aside, the guy’s honesty is pretty refreshing in this day and age

  4. Howard R Gray

    The barrister, one of her Majesty’s learned counsel in the law, the one who claimed he had not read the Maastricht Treaty when he should have done is still there. Let he be blessed with retirement as soon as possible, preferably somewhere south of Luxembourg far away from England’s shores. May he have all the wine and cheese anyone could ever desire. The sooner he hangs up his gold laced gown and doffs his wig the better.

    Europhiles are a pain they live in fantasyland, a world of simple fascism, elitist delusions quite unlike Disneyland. The only problem is we have to pay for it and put up with the posturing while they try to convince us it is all so good for us.

    Don’t y’all remember the common market where there was nothing common or a market about any of it? By sleight-of-hand we got the EU not a great deal better than E Coli, both loosen up our constitutions with little benefit to show for it.

    Perhaps its old Tories who never die, yet soldiers appear to do so far too often in foreign fields. Isn’t there something like the elephant’s graveyard in middle Europe for social dinosaurs?