Gaddafi regime ‘not attending London Olympics’

by Mario Huet

I’m sure there will be plenty of bloodstained butchers in attendance, fawned upon and traded with by our own obsequious bunch of irredeemable warmongers.  It may sound bad, but I have more respect for the former:  at least they have some experience of getting their *own* hands bloody, rather than having all the torturing and murdering done by proxy and hiding behind the collective irresponsibility of ‘peacekeeping’ organisations.  For the most part brutal tyrants confine their evils to their own countries, whereas our ‘decent’ politicians spend much of their time interfering in countries that are thousands of miles away, that they know bugger-all about, and that are neither their moral nor their official concern.

One response to “Gaddafi regime ‘not attending London Olympics’

  1. Since the “Olympics” have been a State-promoted-fascist-body-abusative-smugfest (the abuse being of individuals but the glory of and from it to states) for decades now – certainly since 1936/Berlin but I suspect before that – it is probably to Ghadaffi’s advantage in posterity and heaven that he does not “attend”. I think that a British libertarian government would “modify and further develop in a special way” them (whcih is to say: terminate) by preventing other Anglosphere countries from supplying human fodder to them, under “people-trafficking” laws already in place by socialist-Nazis.