Continuing the theme of socialist art

Michael Winning

Spotting the “Naughty but pretty” posting below and noting people’s thoughts about Joe Stalin, I always admired this banknote from the old Czechoslovakia. Like the “people and the army being united” it says all you want to know about the Stalinist mindset. And really it is very wel done.

6 responses to “Continuing the theme of socialist art

  1. Oh, that brings back such happy memories of the time I spent in the disintegrating Czechoslovakia – a disintegration that I cannot but feel I had a minor part in bringing about!

  2. Well get started over here then.

  3. All those in favour of letting the Scots go, say “aye”.

  4. Hoots the noo – who’d pay their dole/pensions?

  5. Alec Salmond’s magic socialist money tree?

    It would be quite fun watching the Scotch EuroPound inflate itself into a Weimar frenzy. I vote “aye”.

  6. I do agree with Michael here, it is a very pretty banknote. Noen also of the pretentious self-regarding pomposity of the British State is putting on people like Stephen Fry, or whoever that lady is on the back of the fiver.