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Good Soviets

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  1. I’m not sure what the point of this post was, but I have a degree in Russian, and so can add that the Russian mean “the people and the army (are) united”!

  2. It’s probably something similar in Slovak, which uses a different alphabet. In the Roman alphabet: narod i armija jediny!

  3. Yes, I’d managed to get it. I still haven’t learnt the Russian alphabet, but you can get enough of the sounds if you have Greek. And a good understanding of Slovak will get most simple meanings.

    i posted it because it reminds us of a time when the left was absolutely confident in its message, anc capable of producing good graphic art.

  4. Julius Blumfeld

    The design of the 1923 Chervonetz is rather fine. Also, perhaps, more fitting to a libertarian website, evidencing as it did, a touching faith on the part of the Leninists in a monetary gold standard.

  5. The point about this sort of art is that it actually can be described as art. Of a sort; that did what it was suppoed to do. Not like pissed beds full of comdoms, or decaying cow’s heads in something or other. And you can forget about this “Summer Exhibition” at the RA.

  6. Yes, it’s art. I suppose I’d think less of it if I’d seen a tattered copy of the poster every day for a five years in a labour camp. But that would be my misfortune – rather like those elderly Jews who feel a bit put out when Wagner is played. In itself, it is very fine art. And now the system that produced it is part of history, we are better able to see it as that.

  7. im a great fan of communist art, i have two chinese worker posters and a wall hanging of lenin. it does strike some of my friends as wierd that im a libertarian but only have posters about communism!

  8. So is a classy hooker.

  9. Note that the artist gave the soldier the gentlest, prettiest face of all.

  10. The Soviet Union in its classic phase was an odd sort of place.