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I have found out what Godwin’s Law is

David Davis

Last night, I had the grave misfortune to fail to avoid, in the house, televised snatches of the impossibly self-regarding and arrogant Stephen Fry (described as a registered clever-person) on some programme with the awful “Jo Brand”.

I got caught in the shrapnel of Fry’s utterances as I passed. Anybody else who, henceforth, compares me with this pompous twit (sadly I sound  like him, so they say, and I know lots of stuff etc etc etc…) will suffer the flails of my barbed writings.

Yes, you’ve guessed it: other members of my family actually “use” a Wire-less Tele Vision Apparatus. I occasionally try to get it removed back to The Man Who Installed It, without much success.

They were discussing Godwin’s Law, which I had heard referred to knowingly by many internetties over the years, but was afraid to ask what it was: if I did, then my un-knowing-ness would be revealed publicly to all and I would be killed.

But all you people who have clearly known it for years will all be relieved, that I can now slink into your company – still standing timidly at the back and nodding approvingly at anything sounding vaguely intellectual, mind – and hold my head a little higher.

I have, of course, been outing the GramscoStaliNazi nature of our main enemies for years: almost five now on here, and for varying times in other places. Perhaps there ought to be a counter-hypothesis, David’s Law – which states that as a discussion about leftists which have been correctly-tagged at the start as Nazis progresses, the probability that someone will say the phrase “swivel-eyed” or “Little Englander” approaches 1.

Private plates and State-Puritanism

David Davis

This fellow bought ” BO11 LUX” quite legally from the DVLA for £399. Now they say it’s “offensive” and threaten him with arrest if he displays it.

I think Ian B’s comments on my posting below are relevant here.

Popsies and popularity

David Davis

About 2½ years ago, I got castigated on here by one or two rather self-righteous libertarians (they’ll know who they are.) I used images of a “young woman prominent in the public prints” to attract otherwise unsuspecting seekers-after-liberty on searches for liberal ideas. (It worked. Our daily hit rate went from about 500 to over 1,000 in short order.)

Today, Guido does it unashamedly, and gets 160+ comments in less than two hours. (His traffic’s a lot higher too.)

Well, I don’t mind at all.

Help Keep Kevin Carson Busy!

by Brad Spangler

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

I’m starting the third quarter 2011 fundraiser early in hopes that it  will clear up an apparent database problem with the donation software we use.

Here’s where we’re at…

C4SS staff has been paid for up through half of their February 2011 pay. Here is what our regular monthly expenses for staff pay look like.

Research Associate: Carson — $250 (2 weekly articles + $50, 1/6 of 1 biannual study)

News Analyst: Worden — $100 (1 weekly article)
News Analyst: D’Amato — $300 (3 weekly articles)
Social Media Specialist: Litz — $320 (10 hours/wk / 40 hours/month @ 8/hour)
Media Coordinator: Knapp — $640 (20 hours/wk / 80 hours/month @ 8/hour)Total: $1610

So, half of February plus all of March through June means we’re seeking 4.5 times $1610 — which means we’re looking to raise $7245 between now and the end of August 2011.

To donate, please click on the “Contribute” button which you’ll find on the fundraising widget you’ll find on every page of our web site.

Nobody else really fills the niche we fill. If you agree that what we do matters, please support our work as best you can.


Brad Spangler
Director, Center for a Stateless Society

Libertarian Alliance News Release on the Car Smoking Ban

News Release from: Sean Gabb, Director, the Libertarian Alliance
Contact: Sean Gabb – – 07956 472 199
Release Date: Wednesday the 22nd June 2011
Release Time: Immediate
Other Details: See below

Sean  Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance on BBC Three Counties Radio, on
Wednesday the 22nd June 2011, to discuss whether smoking should be
banned in cars where children are present. A Bill to this effect was
discussed on that day in Parliament.

Sean says no for these reasons:

•  The claim that 300,000 children suffer ill-effects every year in the
United Kingdom from “passive smoking” is a falsehood. There is no way
of gathering such data. There is even no sound epidemiological evidence
that passive smoking even exists. The alleged figure of 300,000 children
is what is called a “junk statistic.” It is in the same league as the
claims made in the 1980s about the number of people who would die of
aids by 1990, or the claims made in the 1990s about the numbers who
would soon be dead from mad cow disease. It is almost as gross a
falsehood as the fraudulent global warming claims made by British
•  These statistics produced by pressure groups and
politicians are plainly dubious on their own account. Every single
statistical claim reported by the media and accepted by the politicians
seems to justify higher taxes or tighter controls on adult actions, or
both. There was a time when it was necessary to bribe priests into
saying that God wanted if before the authorities could oppress ordinary
people. Nowadays, a set of junk statistics is produced.
•  The demand for a smoking ban in cars is also an instance of the “saving the
kiddies” argument. This proceeds by hiding the agenda of control behind a
cloud of hot air about the need to protect children.

Therefore, the Libertarian Alliance is against any smoking ban in cars.

Listen here:


Notes to Editors

The  Libertarian Alliance was founded in 1979, and is the foremost civil
liberties and free market policy institute in the United Kingdom. With
over 800 publications already available, its website grows by the week.

Dr  Sean Gabb is Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He has written over a
dozen books and around a million words of journalism, and has appeared
on hundreds of radio and television programmes. His seven novels have
been commercially translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian,
Slovak and Complex Chinese. His latest novel, The Churchill Memorandum,
can be found on Amazon

His latest book, Smoking, Class and the Legitimation, was released on the 22nd June 2011, and can be seen here:

Another New Book from Sean Gabb

News Release from: Sean Gabb, Director, the Libertarian Alliance
Contact: Sean Gabb – – 07956 472 199
Date: Wednesday the 22nd June 2011
Release Time: immediate
Other Details: See below

New Book by Sean Gabb

by Sean Gabb

The “War against Tobacco” is one of the central facts of modern life. We have high taxes on tobacco, bans or at least controls on the promotion of tobacco products, campaigns against smoking financed by the taxpayers, and growing attempts to criminalise smoking outside the home—and even perhaps soon inside the home.

In this book, Sean Gabb analyses the nature and progress of the “war”. He shows how it began almost as soon as tobacco was first brought out of America. James I of England (1603-25), for example, tried to suppress its use with heavy taxes. Sultan Murad IV of Turkey (1623-40) used personally to behead smokers in the streets of Constantinople. In parts of Germany until 1691, smoking carried the death penalty. By 1901, Louisiana and Wyoming were the only American States not to have passed laws restricting the sale and public smoking of cigarettes.

The stated reasons for the war have varied according to time and place. According to Dr Gabb, however, all reasons have one thing in common—they rest on a base of lies and half truths. The dangers of smoking are far less proven than governments and the anti-tobacco lobbies insist they are. The dangers of passive smoking have never been proved at all.

But this is not simply a book about the history of tobacco and the scientific debate on its dangers. It also examines why, given the status of the evidence against it, there is a war against tobacco. Dr Gabb shows that this war is part of a much larger project of lifestyle regulation by the ruling class, and that its function is to provide a set of plausible excuses for the extraction of resources from the people and for the exercise of power over them. This book provides a kind of “unified field” theory to bring within a single explanatory structure some of the most important attacks on free choice and government limitation that we face today.

This is a class issue, and no discussion of tobacco policy can be complete without an understanding of the dynamics of class.

Sean Gabb is a writer and broadcaster whose novels have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak and Chinese. He is Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.

Smoking, Class and the Legitimation Power
by Sean Gabb
Paperback, 204pp, £7.99
Published 22nd June 2011
by the Hampden Press, London
Hampden Press ISBN: 0 9541032 8 9
Lulu ISBN: 978 1 4477 5772 6


L. Neil Smith on Mercantilism and Intellectual Property

Musings on Mercantilism
by L. Neil Smith

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

All of our lives, we Baby Boomers and those who have come after  us, have been loftily informed by the culture’s intelligentsia, by  the literati, by the cognoscentithat the way we live—we  children of the Productive Class—where we choose to live, mostly in  the suburbs, is all wrong, hideous, like something out of a horror  movie. Continue reading