Just Watched It All on the Telly

Very fine, I thought.

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  1. Peter W Watson

    William may be the book end we need, the first being the Queen Mother. The service was solemn but light and happy and this man has gravitas. Perhaps he will save the United Kingdoms. Jerusalem certainly was sung with gusto. The cameras studiously avoided any visiting Muslim dignitaries but the service was not PC and therefore a good omen. And Blair and Brown being excluded prevented it being marred by garbage. The only one who looked ridiculous was Mrs Clegg, having worn a hat that even Reg Dwight would have blushed at. God save the future King.

  2. What a pity the MCGB called off their planned 21 bomb salute.

  3. C H Ingoldby

    A part of the State that making a lot of people happy, without oppressing anyone, denying anyone any rights and without taxing or regulating anyone.

    Thank God for the Royals, sparing us from self important and divisive Presidents.

  4. Thank God for the Royals, sparing us from self important and divisive Presidents.

    The thing I find odd when discussions about this kind of thing come up is that nobody ever seems to consider that there is no reason for a State to have a “Head Of State” other than tradition. You can get rid of a monarchy without replacing it with anything.

  5. Yes, I think it was very nicely done. Even the Head Druid managed not to look like a PC apostate.

    What I most liked was that the Marriage Service was read in a natural manner without continual reference to the text. Runcie never managed that.

  6. Not a great monarchist myself but still enjoyed the day-and yes watched it all on telly. If the happy couple are committed to this country then we’ll have perhaps another 100 years without having to create a president.: someone has got to be above that lot we have in Parliament, at least morally and, I think the present Queen does that job quite well.I notice Yasmin Alabai-brown in an interview given on Euro-news yesterday that she thinks the British people ought to grow up. “the British don’t like change”, no of course not-the people who threw off the power of Rome, an absolutist monarch,an absolutist republican,ushered in the age of reason, instigated the Industrial Revolution-no we don’t want change. Some people just don’t get it.
    Anyway, a great day. I’m relaxing to Mumford &son, my partner’s inspired to listen to regimental band music, the people in the flat below are outside singing everything from dolly Parton, simon & Garfunkel and anything else that takes their fancy, and a friend’s doing a b-b-q. Like I said great day, enjoy, enjoy

  7. Yamin StalinAlibinizi-Brown does not like the sort of change that the British like and have been and are good at. YAB likes to have millions of people killed in processes of “change”, often by innocent little African boys brandishing AK47s, or by Stalin’s goons beating millions of Ukrainian farmers to death and deporting the remains of their families.

    The British have done so much change over so long, that they actually have, and tolerate, a Constitutional Head of State, who is hereditary, German (mostly at least in the last 300-odd years) and which they are pleased to look up to, revere, and (yes) actually Love. I use the word love deliberately too. Yes, the Queen has indeed failed utterly to keep to her Coronation Oath, specially regarding the EU as it became while her back was turned and her “advisers” pretended all was well. But she has not gone out of her way to tyrannise, murder and imprison, except insofar as her “advisers” had some other agenda, and having weakened and bankrupted us in two world wars, set about deciding that they could get away with it.

  8. A wedding between two people in love is one thing. As individuals these two certainly deserve all the luck in the world. But the celebration of statism which was in important part of this wedding today is disgusting in my view. I fail to see how anything good can come out of this. I would rather see the masses cheering for some great entrepreneurs than for some representatives of the state. And all mostly payed for by the taxpayer one way or another. And no, the alternative to a king or queen is not a president, but rolling back statism.

  9. David Robert Gibson

    Allow me to join-in this good-natured badinage with a couple of thoughts:

    The wedding was exceedingly well done. Colours, dresses, costumes, uniforms, troops, horses, carriages, cars, the music of Parry and Walton, Rowan Williams’ perfect diction, Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, Horse Guards, The Mall and St James’s Park, Buckingham Palace – combined in unassailable quality. The English are totally alone in displaying pomp stylishly and faultlessly. No other state is in the same league, and historically I suspect that only the Romans and Nazis, whose motives were rather different, bear comparison. No that isn’t altogether true.

    The wedding as public spectacle was produced for one reason above all – the
    legitimisation of power. Just as the Romans had their triumphs and circuses, the Nazis their Nuremberg Rallies, the British state, at regular enough intervals, puts on royal occasions to show how grand they are, and how that grandeur can enthral the crowds – there in London and probably billions gazing at their TVs here and all over the world. The royal family are at the centre of these spectacles, and following a worrying moment in World War I (during which they became “Windsors” and left Czar Nicholas and his family to be gunned-down by the Bolsheviks) , the royals know how to stay in power and wealth by ‘moving with the times’ – not William and Catherine but Wills and Kate, Elton John and his boyfriend were shown prominently in the Abbey as were three ethnics in the choir. I’s dotted and T’s crossed, then. The royals, the government, the church, and the media in
    perfect unity. What was not apparent was that the “Windsors” and Middletons did not save up their hard-earned pennies for this occasion, but they saved-up ours! No hint that for the last 58 years Elizabeth II has been the partner in crime and legitimiser of each and every group of traitors who
    have ruled this land, and all their laws. She needn’t worry – she has an heir and 2 spares, Charles has his 2 and things being equal, those married today will have similar in the next decade or so. Morally, the whole business is utterly illegitimate.

    Still, I did like “Jerusalem”, and the trees in the Abbey were a nice touch.
    One has to be thankful for small mercies these days, what?

    David Robert Gibson