Manifesto of the Freedom Democrats

Note: This really is the politics of the sticking plaster. There is no recognition here of the ideological or repressive state apparatus. The assumption seems to be that these people will be allowed to win an election and then put their silly programme into action. But they will not be allowed to win – even if they can persuade anyone at all to vote for them. If they do win, they will not be allowed to do what little they promise. Rather than fussing about reforms to vocational education, they should be explaining why and how they ought to carry through a modern equivalent of dissolving the monasteries.

They might also give some pointer to a website. Bah! [SIG]

Out of the ashes of the old is born new life.  We are pleased to announce the formation of the Freedom Democrats under the chairmanship of Gary Marshall and assisted by vice chairman Cllr. Michael Simpkins.  A new political party occupying the centre right ground of British politics,  our ideology in one of Modern Nationalism.  We aim to appeal to Nationalists both British and English, Patriots and other such like minded people.

Modern British Nationalism or Patriotism is defined as the political and ideological structure to ensure the continued existence of our British way of life, the preservation of our culture and heritage and freedom from multi-culturism and political oppressiveness for ourselves and our descendants.  It does not discriminate on the grounds of race or ethnicity of any one group of people living in Britain as a British citizen but believes in the integration of all into the British culture and way of life.  Modern Nationalism is one country, one culture.  It objects to all forms of political extremism.

In forming our policies we have consulted with industry professionals including teachers and military chiefs.  Here are just a few bullet points. 


A comprehensive system with teacher assessment and streaming and the option to divert from GCSE studies to vocational training from the age of 15.

Free university courses for selected trades that directly benefit the country such as nursing and medicine.

The option to earn credits for a free higher education by working in the voluntary sector from age 14. 


Full life sentences for capital offences. (Life means life) 

Prison term served lengthened from the current half to two thirds for short term sentences.

 No early release for repeat offenders. 


A fair system of short term work permits based on a “need & skills” basis and linked to matching every foreign worker with a UK born apprenticeship and a focus on obtaining negative net migration using only the emigration/immigration of foreign born nationals and not British nationals. 


Reverse the recent cuts to our Harrier, Nimrod and aircraft carrier fleet.

Military equipment where possible to be British designed and built.

Introduce an optional 3 year engagement for over 18’s unemployed for 12 months or more with the emphasis on trade training. There is no guarantee of Job Seekers Allowance for those who decline the option.

Priority on housing lists for service personnel leaving after 12 years service or for those medically discharged during conflict. 

As you can see there are distinct differences between our policies and those of some more extreme nationalist parties.  Modern nationalism is also moderate nationalism.

We are pleased to announce that our party has already achieved electoral success on two councils in the south east with further candidates standing for election on May 5th in Devon and Kent.

Existing British Freedom Party members may, by forwarding their membership cards to us continue membership with our party until 31st October.  New memberships will be for 12 months from date of joining.

We invite you to view our web site Freedom Democrats for a full list of our policies.

Disclaimer:  You are receiving this email as your details may have been passed onto us as someone who may be interested in news of the Freedom Democrats. To stop further emails please reply to this message with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject.

Freedom Democrats.  16 Walsingham Place, Truro, Cornwall UK TR1 2RP

11 responses to “Manifesto of the Freedom Democrats

  1. Awesome! What’s for tea?

  2. No mention of the EU here, is this deliberate?.
    Everything else looks good at first glance.

  3. If you promise and actually mean-a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty-count me in

  4. Yes what about the EU? Are they to fire it or not?

  5. C H Ingoldby

    Their ideas will upset the Status Quo parties.

    Therefore, more power to them.

  6. Ho hum. Another little group discussing how to twist the current ideological hegemony into a slightly more pleasing shape.

    As a minor science fiction writer of no note whatsoever, a long while ago I realised a significant difference between “fan” writers and proper writers of genre works. Whereas a proper writer tries to think up new ideas, a writer of fanfic takes previous ideas (favourite ones) and patches them together, in a Frankenstein kind of a way. So if you say, “what should happen in Star Trek next?” they will say, “they should have Riker captain of the Titan against the Dominion, and such and such a character from DS9, and bring in that character from that episode” and so on.

    Most political ideas are much the same. They are not original ideas. They are fanfic. Just as fanfic writers are not interested in creating an original good story, but merely in replaying their greatest hits in a compound way, likewise in general most “new” political movements like this one just take their favourite parts of what has gone before and try to get them all at the same time. As a result, you generally get something of no more merit than an erotic encounter between Kirk, Spock, and that rock creature from The Savage Curtain.

  7. Anyway, the really depressing thing for me about all these “centre right” and “traditional conservative” and suchlike people and groups is they never have a more original idea than dragging us back to Progressivism 1.0.

    Patriotism, mercantilism, short sharp shock, bring back the birch, life means life, that’ll sort ’em out! No doubt somewhere in the manifesto is sprawling austere institutions for the feeble minded and a reboot of the Contagious Diseases Acts.

  8. Howard R Gray

    This is a political party that has nothing to say that will change anything at all, another conservatism light organization that will be gone in a year or two.

    A few bullet points will not do, a more comprehensive policy position might convince a few to take any of this seriously. LPUK was at least a serious attempt to open up the doors to an alternative party for those who abhor the left.
    Where is the EU policy position? More to the point where is the economic and fiscal policy statement.

    Education is simple, abolish state control of schools and grant vouchers in the short term to parents to place pupils where they deem the education is best.

    Tax and wealth creation is what matters, how about abolition of VAT and a flat rate tax?

    Keeping harriers and carriers is fine if there is money for it, which there isn’t.

    If you are serious about limiting cost on medical school courses, all medics should qualify as nurses first then top up their nursing BSc degrees with their MB BS degrees intercalated with their nursing work.

    There is nothing revolutionary or very interesting in this manifesto, without some meat to go with the potatoes this political party has nowhere to go. Pity, there is a need to prevent the Quisling party, so “beloved” of Dr Gabb, from selling us out as usual.

  9. They have a website stating their position on most things, also some quite interesting articles.I book-marked the site for future reference. However, now the site has altered slightly and still under construction? so it is impossible to read anything further. I think it is possibly a break-away from the B.N.P-Maybe I’m way out here but, does anyone know of any sites or face book groups that have been disappeared. Open Democracy has listed about 20 groups, mostly anti-government cuts groups, that have been closed today without warning. Just wondering whether said new party site has been hacked.

  10. Daisy, the Freedom Democrats is a splinter group from the British Freedom Party, which itself broke away from the BNP in October last year. The founding members of the Freedom Democrats – Gary Marshall and Michael Simpkins – had a highly acrimonious spat with two leading members of the BFP – Lee Barnes and Simon Bennett – and were subsequently kicked out of the party by Chairman Peter Mullins. There then followed a legal dispute over who actually controlled the BFP, which was eventually decided in favour of Mullins and co. The BFP has a more developed policy platform centred upon the idea of cultural nationalism, although having subjected myself to an hour-and-a-half-long recording of a highly intemperate Skype conference between Marshall, Barnes and Mullins, I can see why these personalities couldn’t get on. It wasn’t exactly what you’d describe as ‘civilised’.

    The BNP itself appears to be in its death throes owing to allegations about Nick Griffin’s mismanagement, a lack of transparency with respect to the party’s finances and a couple of unnecessary court cases. Many long-term and high profile members have left over the past year or so, with many – such as the Morley Councillor Chris Beverley – defecting en masse to the English Democrats recently. We are therefore confronted with a shoal of nationalist minnow parties attempting to gobble up a share of the vote: the BNP, BFP, the English Democrats and now the Freedom Democrats. There are of course a number of other small parties too, including the reformed predecessor of the BNP – the National Front.

  11. Gary Marshall

    Politics of the sticking plaster, No. I am a atriot by choice. I had dual nationality but chose to keep my British passport, I am part native American Indian ( Sioux, and proud of it ) but fight for Britains right to be free of Europe. How many people can say that they are what they are by choice ?