The Asse-Hatte embraces GramscoStaliNazism, in public

David Davis

A fellow called “Dr” (the “doc”) Rowan Williams, an Asse-Hatte described as an “Archbishop of Canterbury” today said that “the rich should be forced to help the poor”. I wonder how that will be done, or even if it is legal (yet.) I thought that if A is forced by B to “help” C, then that makes A a slave and B a slave-driver or even a slave-owner.

3 responses to “The Asse-Hatte embraces GramscoStaliNazism, in public

  1. C H Ingoldby

    Yes, a simple and clear call for slavery.

    Even the bit about it being compulsory so therefore they wouldn’t get any credit for any of the forced work they did.

    He manages to get pretty much everything wrong, all the time. A remarkable record really.

  2. I listened to it this morning with only mild contempt. But it I were a Byzantine Emperor, I’d have him dragged from his church and stuffed into a monastery on the edge of a desert.

  3. Ric Ben-Safed

    I think the Parliament ought to take a hint from Mussolini, when he separated the Roman Church from the land, and Italy, and gave the Vatican State its independence. So in like measure the Parliament ought to Give the Archbishop of Canterbury, the sovereignty of Canterbury, and the C of E,its Parliament of Bishops (they would not be seated in the House of Lords) instead would sit at Lambeth Palace. The Queen of course would still be the Governor of the C. of E. and “Defender of the Faith”