New LA Pamphlet: Robert Henderson on What to Do if Arrested

I think we’ve already published a version of this. Here it is as revised for the Libertarian Alliance:

Over the past twenty-five years fundamental safeguards have been removed or are in danger of being removed from our legal system through measures such as the Serious Crime and Disorder Act, various anti-terrorism laws, the retention of the fingerprints and DNA of those not found guilty of a crime and the breach of the convention that no one is placed in “double jeopardy” by being tried twice for the same offence.  At the same time, the whole thrust of government policy and behaviour is ever more authoritarian, vide the neutering of Parliament, the series of gratuitous and aggressive wars and the increasingly intolerant treatment of protestors.  In such circumstances the chances of becoming involved with the criminal law are increasing even for the law abiding.  That being so it pays to be prepared to deal with the police, lawyers and the courts.  This is what the guide is designed to do.


One response to “New LA Pamphlet: Robert Henderson on What to Do if Arrested

  1. C H Ingoldby

    Thank you for that. Comprehensive and very interesting.

    My higly condensed version would go something like this:-

    Ask if you are being arrested. If no, then walk away. If yes, ask for solicitor and then be silent. Remain silent.

    I can pretty much guarantee that everyone reading this thinks, ‘yes, being silent is great but I am smart and educated and can help myself by talking, explaining the situation……’ And i can pretty much guarantee that you are all wrong. The police love nothing more than for suspects to talk, even the most innocent, inconsequential word can be used, twisted, taken out of context.

    The golden rule. Silence is golden.