Sean Gabb Speaks in Locarno

4 responses to “Sean Gabb Speaks in Locarno

  1. Excellent talk as usual Sean. I always personally find your speaking most engaging.

    My own feeling as to why we have lost so absolutely- I agree with you entirely that there is no trend in any aspect of society towards liberty and we are living through its total collapse- is that part of that reason is that we haven’t as a “movement” got a complete, or even comprehensive, grasp of the situation. To use your army analogy, we do not really know who the enemy are, or why they are attacking us, nor have we even fully understood their methodology; that is not to say that nobody understands anything, but rather that there are multiple conflicting models of the situation, most of which are partial truths and partial errors. I cannot claim a godlike understanding either. But I think that as we march wearily into the outskirts of Paris, we need to start completely reassessing these things and be prepared if necessary to abandon deeply held personal beliefs. The fact that we have so totally failed is surely an indication that something is wrong with us.

    Thanks again for posting.

  2. “The fact that we have so totally failed is surely an indication that something is wrong with us.” No doubt of that.

  3. Oh dear – I wasn’t in Locarno, but Lugano. Never mind, it’s all abroad….

  4. Its not for me to disagree with how you feel or think. The role of the libertarian movement is to keep the torch burning and to hand it over to the next generation. Its the ideas of individual liberty and freedom from government oppression that have to be protected and kept alive. These ideas are under threat from governments in the EU and the European Commission, because these ideas are a threat to them. The role of Climate Change is to control the people, the rulers don’t care if its true or false because they will feed high off the hog no matter what.