Freemen of the Land in Action

Protestors storm Birkenhead county court and attempt to arrest judge

Mar 7 2011 by Liam Murphy

CHAOTIC scene broke out at Birkenhead county court today after demonstrators attempted to arrest a judge and then took over a court.
They were at court for a case brought by Wirral Council against Roger Hayes for non payment of council tax.

Mr Hayes questioned the legitimacy of the court and then attempted to arrest district judge Michael Peake.

The judge was quickly ushered out of court room one and then demonstrators took it over – one even taking the judge’s seat.
Police reinforcements arrived and an hour-long stand off occurred.

Hamilton, Market and Hinderton Streets were closed off, and police formed a cordon outside the court while hundreds of protectors gathered outside.

11 responses to “Freemen of the Land in Action

  1. This cannot be true-Taking over a court,attempting to arrest a judge-please point me toward confirmation of said action

  2. C H Ingoldby

    I note that they justify this action as being lawful under section 16 of the Magna Carta, which allows ‘lawful rebellion’.

    Section 16 of the Magna Carta states that – ‘No man shall be forced to perform more service for a knight’s `fee’, or other free holding of land, than is due from it. ‘

    Do these people even bother to read the Magna Carta before they cite it or are they just total idiots?

  3. @Ingoldby – it’s about the fact the court is not properly constituted and is attempting to use administrative law which is alien to the British Constitution. Fees have nothing to do with it.

  4. Outstanding indeed.
    But that will not change the silly Poll, oh sorry, Council Tax. A tax by any other name…

  5. C H Ingoldby

    @Johnny, the people claiming that the court was not properly constituted claimed that their actions were justified under article 16 of the Magna Carta.

    Which states that ‘No man shall be forced to perform more service for a knight’s `fee’, or other free holding of land, than is due from it.’

    They are the ones making such a moronic, stupid claim.

  6. references Article 61, rather than 16.

    “All these customs and liberties that we have granted shall be observed in our kingdom in so far as concerns our own relations with our subjects. Let all men of our kingdom, whether clergy or laymen, observe them similarly in their relations with their own men.”

  7. C H Ingoldby

    @ Johnny, what you have just quoted is NOT article 61 of the Magna Carta.

    Article 61 of the Magna Carta refers to the rights of the BARONS.

    You people think you can overturn the legal system and you can’t even quote the right bloody paragraph of the Magna Carta. What a worthless bloody shower, you’ll have a bit of fun shouting in a court and end up achieving absolutely nothing because you are a bunch of morons who haven’t even read the document you claim to be upholding.


    @Ingoldby, you’re an idiot troll, drop dead.

  9. I’ve corresponded, by phone and email, with some of these people and done some research myself. They have done a tremendous amount of research into this and they have contacts with some of the top legal minds in the country.

    People who dismiss this without doing their own extensive research are simply demonstrating the ignorance that has allowed criminal elements to subvert the law, IMHO.

    Read Magna Carta here: