Gay-only Bed & Breakfast Establishments Probed by Equality Commission

Comment by Iain Ross-MacLeod LMPA

Where on earth are these people going with this silly investigations?

There are homosexual bed-and-breakfast houses purely and simply to save the heterosexual people from becoming vexed by the behaviour that they might find offensive taking place.

One cannot go around in a heterosexual establishment entering the bedrooms of others who have left their doors open seeking fulfilment, and only for that purpose, with any degree of safety or comfort for it is not the convention to do so in this country as yet.

People do not go to exclusively heterosexual bed and breakfasts establishments seeking sexual activity as these nocturnal indulgences are inclined almost exclusively to homosexual establishments a number of which are there for that purpose.

It has always been the case from my earliest days in Portsmouth circa 1960 and in the London naval clubs near Waterloo station that service personnel would leave their doors open at night if they wish to be entertained and if they did they would lock them.

When there is a gay bed and breakfast in an area the people who are running it usually apply common sense and don’t allow people who may be offended by gay behaviour to stroll around casually in their corridors. Not all gay bed-and-breakfast establishments allow this sort of freedom in any case. Some are very conventional and they don’t encourage promiscuity on their premises at all.

The same applies to gay bars where sex takes place. There are many gay bars in London, and there may be in the provincial cities as well for all I know all I know. Sex will often take place in the back-room or in a ‘dark room’ and it is no place for heterosexual people to be lounging around behaving like voyeurs. The door policy should certainly be to keep out heterosexuals and all those people who have no interest in gay sex as much as possible. That is the way to keep the place trouble-free and safe for those that wish to come in and, perceive, partake or perform.

Surely equal opportunities does not mean forcing people to be exposed to those who do not wish to join in with or tolerate their behaviour but for purely there for other purposes

Perhaps we are going the same way as the Eastern countries. I have just returned from the Philippines where previously in gay bars where sex took place the audience mainly consisted of men who came in to watch rather than to participate. Certainly there was the odd woman who might have been the friend of some gay people or the like. However recently a gay bar in the Philippines allows Korean girls in to suck the cocks of the of the gay boys as they are wandering around on the stage.

9 responses to “Gay-only Bed & Breakfast Establishments Probed by Equality Commission

  1. The best argument would be to call for the closure of this evil organisation, rather than to complain about the equal enforcement of a bad law.

  2. This is basically a limp pretense at equality of treatment by the mutaween, after the Christian establishment was ruined by them and people pointed out that there are gay-only establishments. So, they have to create an illusion of being even-handed.

    What will probably actually happen is that the Mutaween will advise the gay proprietors how they can adhere to the letter of the law by some means, compared to the Christians who faced of course nothing but persecution. It is the same as the persecution of the BNP while ignoring numerous ethnic organisations (black this, asian that etc) who are declared to be in compliance with the law despite being, if not ethnically exclusive, obviously heavily ethnically biased.

    We know the theory behind all this of course, the whole cultural marxist theoretical basis- hegemonic classes and oppressed classes are not the same in terms of power so a rule applied to the two classes will be required to manifest in different ways.

    Anyway, none of the gay establishments will be significantly affected by this “investigation”. It is the sort of negative space of a Stalinist show trial; in which the trial is only for show and the innocent verdict is a foregone conclusion, rather than a guilty one.

  3. Highlighting the absursities arising from the equal enforcement of this bad law is an excellent way of making the argument for it to be scrapped and the ‘Commission’ to be closed.

    And i’m really not sure what all this has to do with gay bars in the Philippines!

  4. And yes, in terms of practical implications, Ian B is absolutely right, it is a show trial in which the defendant is guaranteed to be let off on some grounds or other.

  5. An alternative interpretation, which absolutely contradicts my previous one, is that perhaps the sexually puritan basis of the Progressive Movement is reasserting itself even more rapidly than expected and we are to see a rapid emplacement of a hegemonic disapproval of gay fornication, closing down fornicatory establishments in the pursuit of the “New Gay” ideal of gays as dull, monogamous suburban married couples, which it seems to me is what the whole gay marriage campaign is all about.

  6. There would be a certain grim irony to see the forces of PC turn upon Gay hedonism in a weird self destuctive impulse.

    Certainly, Gay ‘leaders’ are completely blind as to who their real enemies and friends are. The response to the Muslim posters declaring parts of East London to be ‘Gay Free’ has been for Gay ‘leaders’ to call for people to respond in an ‘Islamophobic’ fashion…….

  7. “New Gays” will then certainly find their lives very boring indeed. They will be like the Germans in 1945, who failed to fail to elect GramscoStaliNazis in 1933, when they, as Germans (who are clever and who work hard) had everything going for them at last.

    The “gays” (about whose proclivities I care not at all, and they can do whatever it is that they like, I cannot imagine what it is but if it pleases them then that’s fine) have spent so long ingratiating themselves with GramscoStaliNazis who are undermining liberalism on purpose.

    This was for clear reasons which have got them a lot of clout, and that is understandable of course as things stand now. But they will need to think about what might happen if there was a forward-lash towards the kind of society where the idea of sex between animals of the same sex was regarded as profane and anti-religious. They need to think about who their allies are, as set up by the Political Enemy-Class in the UK and in other places such as the USA, both of which are under heavy attack as havens of the very liberalism that some of these people purport to hate.

    I believe that the punishment for being “gay”, in certain countries which shall have to remain nameless, is beig tiend to the ground, with your friend, and then having a wall of rubble pushed on to your body, until you die. This, to me, sounds like the StoNazis. Look me up on facebook if you want to know more about StoNazis. They are rather similar in many ways to GramscoStaliNazis, but they wisely dispense with the “Gramsco” bit, for they despise him for thinking that the battle would actually take a long time.

  8. That is of course not to say that I disapprove of the LGBT community. They can do what they like here (so lopng as I can say that I, as a man, prefer to shag girls: if it was othewise then I would not be on the LA.

  9. It had to happen sometime. Such a waste of time and money.