Beware of electric hummingbirds, in a town near you

David Davis

I just spotted this:-

They might be owned and run by the government. In fact it’s the most probable conclusion.

Apologies to David Thompson – I forgot to say it was seen here….

2 responses to “Beware of electric hummingbirds, in a town near you

  1. The world appears to be turning into a Philip K. Dick novel. It seems to me that much of the science fiction I read as a youth was trying to warn us where we may end up. And we’re going there anyway.

  2. From “Star King” by Jack Vance 1964. One of his “Demon Princes” series of 5 novels-his best work IMO.

    “Stick-tight-these come in at least five varieties subject to various applications:
    The servo-optical-a spy cell supported on rotary wings,remotely guided by an operator.
    The automatic- a similar cell to follow a radioactive or monochromatic tag,fixed to, or smeared upon, a man or vehicle.
    The Culp spy master-a semi-intelligent flying creature trained to follow any subject of interest:clever, co-operative, reliable, but relatively large and noticable.
    The Manx spy bird-a smaller, less obtrusive creature, trained to perform similarly:less docile and intelligent, more aggressive.
    The Manx spy bird modification–similar to the above, equipped with control devices.”