Sean Gabb on LBC re Ticket Touts

Are ticket touts immoral? asked Iain Dale on LBC Radio on the 17th February 2011.

No, said Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance. He said a man’s right to resell at one price what he has bought at another should not be banned or regulated. Even when a ticket carries a stipulation against resale, that is a matter for the civil courts, not the police. He added that the main difference between a ticket tout and City bankers is that when the former buys tickets he can’t resell, he doesn’t go sobbing to the Government and get the national debt tripled to cover his losses!

Listen here:

3 responses to “Sean Gabb on LBC re Ticket Touts

  1. Agreed.

    If these people really wanted to maximise their income, they would run some sort of auction system (the precise design of which is a separate debate).

    For sure “local hard pressed and vulnerable communities” might be priced out, but handing over some of the proceeds to them is a separate issue.

  2. Long run profit maximisation may require stability of prices in the short term. If this is true, event organisers shouldn’t whine if, when they underprice, someone else makes a profit.

  3. Absolutely! Never thought of it that way. DOH!