Defence Cuts


I count myself as one of those who the Conservative Party ould never seriously canvass for a vote. While the quangos remain untouched, the race relations industry in full swing, international development spending doubled to £13bn, no real cuts in the six-figure pay packets of senior civil servants – while all this waste is going on – they are sacking trainee pilots – it is unbelievable to me that after four years of training they will be told it amounts to nothing and they will not be commissioned weeks before they were to earn their wings… I want Cameron out.  

4 responses to “Defence Cuts

  1. Why should people like Cameron & Clegg care? The only people that matter to them are the ones who WILL put money in their pockets. Sadly the boys in grey-blue do not.

    You know that’s another thing Dave & Nick have in common – hypocrisy. Nick really should have joined the Conservatives. Then again Dave might not have picked him for a Cabinet position if he had got enough votes for a Tory seat.

  2. It is sickening.

    To see the money being funneled to the vile enemies of all that is decent and then to hear that those who genuinel have dedicated themselves to real public service are being made redundant.

    Utterly sickening.

  3. DJW, you also declined to mention that the Climate Act is going to cost £18.5 billion p.a. for the next 40 years (according to the government itself). Every last cent of that money is going down the drain on an insane fantasy that is increasingly being rejected by scientists for what it is, an outright fraud.

    Of course then there’s immigration, I think Migration Watch put that at about £13 bn p.a., asylum seekers c £4 bn p.a., oh and the small matter of the EUSSR at a trifling £50 bn+ p.a. net that is, not gross which is quite a bit more. Hmm, so there wasn’t really much scope for cutting non-essentials before essentials like defence then was there?

    After thirteen years of total madness we have now the prospect of four years of what? More total madness.

  4. Julius Blumfeld

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    In the modern post-communist world, defence spending is as much an anachronism as state ownership of car factories. Recent defence reviews have provided no plausible justification for any defence spending whatsoever, let alone the untold billions which are currently squandered (Simon Jenkins has written persuasively on this, based on his own personal experience of sitting on one of the relevant committees).

    Far from being “essential”, current defence spending is nothing more than a giant job creation scheme mixed up with a large dollop of corporate welfare for the defence establishment and its various corporate cronies.