Stunningly accurate target-demolition, by CountingCats

David Davis

I’m sorry, I have to displace the last important post, by only a line or two, with a ref to this one. This is what the Gramscian-initiated-war against liberalism, especially in the UK, is all about.

One response to “Stunningly accurate target-demolition, by CountingCats

  1. Peter W Watson

    Excellent post thank you. It is of course a cultural war initiated by Gramsci at the Frankfurt School. It was designed to destroy the foundation of western society which is the Christian faith and through that destruction the family and morality. So far it has succeeded. Political correctness is not funny, it is imposed evil. It brings forth the politics of the asylum. Vide one new pink squeaky Prime Minister lamenting the passage of morality from the nation whilst at the same time surrounding himself with sexual deviants and presiding over a nation which now actively persecutes Christians. In the immortal words of the former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair “Well, if that’s the kinda society they want then f*** em!”