Sean Gabb on the Myth of Global Warming

Dear me – I sent out the wrong link earlier. Here is the right one:

It was BBC Radio Leeds on the 9th February 2011 at 12:15pm



5 responses to “Sean Gabb on the Myth of Global Warming

  1. Sean got the better of the fellow here. Listen to it….

  2. Silly woman: “What would it take to make you believe ….?” or some such tripe, taking alarmism as a given. Well dealt with by Sean.

    The problem dealing with the AGW nonsense is the surfeit of arguments, rather than the lack of them, so just where on earth do you start?

    Point out that the whole thing was driven by politicians from the very beginning?

    Ask why, as climate has been changing for millions of years and it is doing absolutely nothing unusual today, why catastrophe threatens?

    Point out that since c. $80 billion has been spent on AGW ($4 bn p.a. by the US government alone since 1990) countless thousands of scientists and academics are dependant on pleasing the politicians for their livelihood? And the politicians do not want to hear that AGW is fraudulent, that’s the way you quickly end up on the dole queue.

    Show that even though science is decided by facts not consensus, if alarmists want to argue consensus (as they do) even then they have to rely on lies? Only a few dozen scientists actually supported the politically driven IPCC assessments, while 31,000 in the US alone rejected them.

    Point to the fact that the alarmist establishment has had to rely on one fraudulent claim after another, and has had to miserably retract each and ever fraudulent claim in succession?

    Refer to the hockey stick fraud, the IPCC banner headline which rewrote the climatic history of the past millenium Stalinist style, and was utterly discredited.

    Point out that CO2 has always followed temperature rise, not caused it? Or that proxies over geologic time for hundreds of millions of years show no correlation between CO2 and climate?

    Refer to the fact that the whole alarmist cause rests on concentrating on a very minor greenhouse gas CO2, while water vapour is twenty times as important in contributing to climate, and we have no effect on it?

    In a world where the sound bite rules supreme, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  3. Very well done.

    You managed to make the warmists sound like the fringe and you sound like the voice of common sense. That is even more important than the evidence, which you presented well.

  4. Thanks. I wonder how many people actually believe this trash? The opinion polls say as many as half the population. Bearing in mind people don’t like to be seen to oppose the established opinion, it may be much less than that.

  5. For what it’s worth, i just saw Al Gore’s ‘An inconvenient truth’ in the Clearance section at WHSmiths.

    Purely anecdotally, there seems to be a surprisingly large amount of scepticism amongst the general public. Since the radio, television, government, opposition, councils, charities, businesses and campaign groups and even school textbooks have been vigourously propagandising in the name of Global Warming this does give some scintilla of hope.