FLC203, The Libertarian Alliance: A Plain View of What Has Happened, Sean Gabb, 10th February 2011

Note: This is all so bloody predictable for small organisations – lovey-dovey one moment, foam-flecked screaming the next! I have no doubt I am partly to blame for this. But here is my account of what has happened. Decide for yourselves.

Following our President’s resignation the other day, I sent out a news release filled with lush mutual flattery and with promises of future glory. But this will never do. The truth is that, both morally and financially, the Libertarian Alliance has been severely damaged. I have no doubt that I can repair this damage. Those who have caused it are persons of no long term importance, and their attacks will, in due course fade into obscurity. Even so, I do feel it is my duty, as Director of the Libertarian Alliance, to give the plainest and most truthful account that I can manage of what has happened.

via FLC203, The Libertarian Alliance: A Plain View of What Has Happened, Sean Gabb, 10th February 2011.

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  1. A persuasive account but I don’t think kicking Samizdata or Brian Micklethwait in the penultimate paragraph will help matters!

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  3. I am sorry to hear of such a sorry state of things. Do hope all will be sorted soon.

  4. Well said! I noticed long ago that the Samizdata/”old LA” lot seemed to have disowned this blog, and hardly if ever mentioned it, even when it carried FLCs and news releases that one would reasonably expect to be of interest to UK libertarian bloggers. This led me to suspect there may have been an unofficial boycott.

    Anyway, thank you for keeping everyone informed of events, and I wish you all well in these unjustly difficult times for the LA.

    p.s – looking forward to the new website!

  5. An interesting read. As an outsider, this whole thing certainly does inspire a certain prurient fascination, I have to admit.

    The revelation about the passing of LA funds to Mr Evans’s wife is interesting to say the least. I was also a little dismayed to read that apparently Sean has been “denounced […] as an atheist”. If that’s a sin for a Libertarian, then I am truly damned.

    Also a minor point, but over at Brian Micklethwait’s blog David (Davis) listed interest from Samizdatistas in LA blog threads, and listed myself. I am merely a commenter at Samizdata, and not so long ago Perry himself stated on the blog that he doesn’t like me very much at all, followed by several others denouncing me as a troll. So, that hardly makes me part of a cabal, I think, especially as I am a consistently regular commenter here at the LA blog. My own blogging home is Counting Cats In Zanzibar, and I would prefer to thus be characterised “officially” as a Kitty Counter rather than as a Samizdatista. Indeed, David has generously linked to an article by myself at Cats in the post above.

    I hope the LA gets through this and perhaps it will be a useful discontinuity in which the LA can concentrate on defining a mission. There was a comment at Samizdata by a Patrick Crozier implying that an LA is no longer needed once you have blogs. This shows a profoundly self-directed gaze. “Official” institutions are a vital part of a political movement, and blogs and tweets in themselves are only a part of a movement. Facebook and Twitter didn’t create the revolution in Egypt; people did, and Facebook and Twitter were just organising tools. The MSM need somebody to phone up when they want a farrightextremistlibertarian stooge. The LA, or something similar, must exist, if for that reason alone.

  6. The Samizdata crew are apologists for imperialist warmongers and Croat neo-Nazis. I gave up on them years ago.

  7. Christopher Houseman

    Sorry to read about this great falling-out. I agree with IanB about the need for institutional entities like the LA.

    My wife and I therefore remain LA subscribers – and I’m sure we won’t be alone in that regard, Sean.

  8. I don’t know any of the individuals involved in the LA’s “handbags at dawn” scrap, but to say Sean Gabb is a nationalist before a libertarian is a complete distortion of what a free society is. I want to comment on the issue, rather than on the LA falling-out (about which I know nothing) or Sean Gabb (a man I have never met but about whom I know nothing but good).

    How many times do I have to emphasize it? Go back to John Stuart Mill. Go to John Jay, one of the founding fathers of the USA, and you see the conviction that a free society can be more easily created in a society with a common culture.

    Could it be that SG’s detractors are politically correct before they are libertarian? It shouldn’t surprise me in the current “intellectual” (?) climate.

  9. I may be wrong, but it looks at present as if the whole thing is dying down. I hope it will be forgotten come the spring.

  10. Perhaps looking outside the LA would be useful. Sean, is there going to be a press release on Egypt?

  11. Sean, rise above it.

    The dogs may bark but the caravan will move on.

  12. Nothing on Egypt – unless it relates to a certain novel. But there will be a news release in the next few days.

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