What a surprise….part 157b

Michael Winning

In with a suspected broken right arm today. Fell in a ditch on Sunday while busy slipping on large mudpatch, we had so much rain these last four days. So I can still type (oh God anything but that I hear you all say.)

Guido Fawkes says that (perhaps not) “most Lib Dems are against cuts in local government”, because Eric Pickles has found rather a lot that can be made, and they’re all shit-scared. The stuff is worth quoting, great prose and reveals the mind set of the people we are up against. Boss says I should paste lifted stuff in red.

The Guardian is very excited about a leaked email from some LibDem local council sandalistas who seem rather scared of Eric Pickles. As sound as he is round, when asked to find 25% cuts, Pickles ended up mapping out 51% in his department. No wonder they have “little enthusiasm” for the local government bill – it’s hovering over many of their heads.

They go on to bleat that Pickles is “happy to bypass elected local government and give power direct to local residents.” No wonder they are so upset, their power is draining away to, errm, the people. “The situation has been likened to having a republican in charge of the monarchy.” Good.

UPDATE: The Guardian are having a really bad day. Take the headline Most Liberal Democrat MPs oppose coalition’s NHS reforms, poll reveals. It’s not until two thirds of the way in that we find:

“MPs – 49 Tories, 81 Labour, 13 Lib Dem and eight others – were quizzed by the polling agency ComRes on behalf of the lobbying firm Westminster Advisers.”

13 Lib Dem MPs is not “most”

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  1. Well, looks like at least one Coalition minister is actually doing what they were elected to do…