Richard Blake – News re Blood of Alexandria

My dear friend Richard Blake, the critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling novelist, tells me that Slovart has just bought to Slovak rights to his “Blood of Alexandria.”

I do not think I can be accused of any base motive if I congratulate the Slovaks on their excellent taste.

6 responses to “Richard Blake – News re Blood of Alexandria

  1. Congratulations, Sean… er, Richard.

  2. This Richard Blake fellow, and his publishing affairs, does seem to take up rather a lot of your time and attention, er….Sean.

    But I have to say that he writes well, and seems knowledgeable about his historical period, of which he paints word-pictures with great clarity and authority.

  3. David, I fear Sean is becoming a little forgetful in his old age. Somehow, he’s forgotten to mention his gripping alternative history thriller The Churchill Memorandum again.

  4. Ian – I have already explained that I am far too modest and shy to mention “The Churchill Memorandum”, which has been described as the greatest alternative history thriller that ever has or can be written in any human – or indeed non-human – language. I prefer to leave such vulgar huckstering to others.

    I hope this removes any misunderstanding.

    By the way, you can buy copies of “The Churchill Referendum” here:

  5. Er, “The Churchill Memorandum” I meant. See how modest I am – I can’t even remember the title of a book that surely is on everyone’s lips!

  6. Congratulations to Mr Blake.
    As am an interested in the period I should look up the book.