Blood of Alexandria – a Topical and Economical Read

This involves a desperate and bloody rising of the Egyptian mob against the established order. It’s ever so topical, therefore. And the Amazon discount makes it a bargain – a mere £3.49 at the time of writing. Buy now, buy often!

The Blood of Alexandria (Aelric)

3 responses to “Blood of Alexandria – a Topical and Economical Read

  1. This would also be a good chance to mention that you’ve written a book Sean. I believe it’s called “The Churchill Memorandum” and is a gripping thriller set in an alternative history. I know you’re a bit shy about promoting it, but I’m sure a single mention wouldn’t hurt.

  2. Yes, yes, I had somehow forgotten this fact. Then again, I am diffident, modest and shy.

  3. Not forgetting prolific!