Dubai and the end of the world

Michael Winning

Sorry heres a link which might work

I was reading the Daily Mail as you do, and I chanced on this thing about that mega-islands-thing in Dubai, which seems to be sinking. It looked sort of funny at the time and a laugh if you had about 8-zillion to spare.Analogies about “The House Built On Sand” would be uncharitable here, because real people are going to lod=se real money, I hear that the boat-comapny wants out and the builders and developers and the Dubai Royal House (whatever that is) won’t let it, which is quite something too. These places all have royal houses even if they say they dont. And the king can have your girl if you don’t watch your arse, Or thats what somneone told me about his anyway.

BUT it all points to socialism, which makes you want to have a blowout when theres enough seed-corn in the shed, and means theres none when theres none left, when you mopst want it later, if you see what I mean. You spend the autumn drunk, seeing who can stand up longest after being decapitated while standing up with a beermug in hs hand and not spilling the beer till he falls over (X Factor and stuff), and then suddenly theres no food.

It’s very unfortunate. I don’t criticise people for wnting summy islands but perhaps they could have spent some time thinking about not voting for politicians in the US who forced banks to loan money to nonpayers. Or thinking about not voting for polticians in the UK and the EU who wanted to tax and spend more.

3 responses to “Dubai and the end of the world

  1. If very rich people want to invest in extraordinarily expensive houses built on shallow sand banks in the sea in an opaque despotism in the Middle East then good luck to them.

    Just as long as they don’t expect anyone else to bail them out if it all goes wrong.

  2. Unfortunately your link doesn’t seem to work so i can’t see what state guarantee you are alluding to.

  3. Ditto re: C H Ingoldby, link not working.
    Good grief – did no one do a geological land check?