The problem with education… by His Magnificence the Devil

The problem with education…Via Timmy, here’s the teaching unions’ attitude to education[Emphasis mine.]

Unions said a proposed review of primary and secondary school subjects would render the curriculum unfit for the needs of a modern education system.

They insisted that a renewed focus on detailed subject knowledge was “elitist” and would alienate thousands of children, particularly those from the poorest backgrounds.

So, knowing about stuff in anything greater than the most cursory detail is “elitist”, is it?

And poor people cannot possibly be interested in learning because, presumably, they want to ensure that they and their children remain poor for ever…?

These people have got to go.

One response to “The problem with education… by His Magnificence the Devil

  1. Christopher Houseman

    As John Taylor Gatto has eloquently and repeatedly observed, state-run schools aren’t merely taxpayer-funded childcare facilities designed to make work for teachers and keep pupils away from both the workplace and the dole – they’re social engineering institutions intended to condition pupils and teachers alike to accept boredom, frustration, bullying, conformism and unachievable targets as normal parts of everyday life.

    I might also add that describing a detailed knowledge of a given subject as “competentist” rather than “elitist” might give the game away – and that would never do.