Sean’s Latest for VDare

This is not the article as I wrote it. But it is a model of hw to edit one of my long screeds into something almost punchy.

2 responses to “Sean’s Latest for VDare

  1. Gerald Amberley

    A very cogent piece of analysis. I’d be like to read the “Director’s Cut”.

    I’ve noticed that for some months the Ruling Class have been attempting to classify the BNP not so much as “racists” and “bigots” but as “extremists”, the clear intention being that the public should regard the BNP and Moslem terrorists and other immigrant troublemakers as two sides of the same coin.

    So we now have a situation in which the BBC and their fellow travellers imply that the wish to halt mass immigration and bring about the restoration of our independence and sovereignty by entirely peaceful means through engagment in the political process is comparable with the worst excesses of militant Islam. The Ruling Class is getting desperate.

  2. I’ll probably reuse the Director’s Cut for something else.

    I agree that the Ruling Class is getting desperate. Then again, intelligent leftists are beginning to realise the nature of the pc managerial state. And we are beginning to realise that not everyone with a nice suit and a house in London worth £30m is an entrepreneurial hero.

    When a ruling class loses legitimacy, there is nothing much that can save it in the long term. These people feel their legitimacy draining away like bathwater in a cold room. They will turn desperate, and possibly nasty.