Sean with His New Book

5 responses to “Sean with His New Book

  1. How are sales going?

  2. Not badly – though never well enough to slow my frenzied promotion. Have you bought a copy yet?

  3. Give me that link again and i’ll happily buy a copy.

    BTW, do i need to register at that publishers site and does it accept debit cards? (i hate to use my credit card)

  4. The happy father. And yes, thanks, I have purchased a copy and read it. A thoroughly enjoyable yarn.

  5. Here is the link:

    I think you do need to register with Lulu, though someone else made a fuss and refused, and Lulu still let him buy a copy. In the next few weeks, I do have a few copies at home, and can sell you one direct, if you want to e-mail me privately:

    Shefi – I’m glad you liked it.