Right-ho, good Fabians! Let’s start to Get The Proles Off The Road.

David Davis

I spotted at Fuel-Injected-Moose something I have also seen elsewhere.

Forcing all cars in existence to carry insurance will, like gun-control, do nothing to stop either murders with guns or uninsured driving. It will, however, get a tiny amount of money for the British State for a year or three, probably about £30 or £40 million in extra tax-revenues on insurance firms, and will disappoint a lot of grumpy old men whom nobody likes, and who are interested in “old cars”, which they keep in a gently rusting pile in their back yards.

It is actually the first part of the strategically-focussed-plan to REMOVE POOR-PEOPLE FROM THE ROAD. It starts by demonising a group (such as Jews, or in this case – yobbos that drive without insurance) to create popular support for more repressive measures later (such as killing Jews my mass-machine-gunning or gassing, having obtained tacit consent for said plan, with threats.) The later measures will then include the banning of a driver (for life, such as “sending a Jew East” to Sobibor or Chelmno) as a result of a minor accident.

Oh and then you can “have his car crushed” (for recycling, like the gold teeth and tattooed skin for lampshades.)

7 responses to “Right-ho, good Fabians! Let’s start to Get The Proles Off The Road.

  1. Hang on a mo. I love a good ‘State bureaucracy gone mad’ story as much as the rest, but I’m not sure this applies here. You won’t have to insure EVERY car you have, just the ones that are currently taxed. If you declare SORN, then it won’t need insurance. There might be times when someone has a car thats taxed but the insurance has run out so they decide not to use it for a while, but I’d say thats pretty unusual, and its always tempting to still use it occasionally. Cars that are off road permanently are usually declared SORN anyway, so old blokes tinkering around with MGs on their front driveway won’t be affected. Or motor museums, or anyone who can be bothered to declare SORN.

    It will catch some of the insurance cheats because its quite easy to get a tax disk for a full year, when your insurance runs out in a few weeks say, or you cancel it soon after. Driving around with no tax disk is likely to be noticed, but no insurance is less obvious. There is always a temptation to not renew the insurance if it runs out and there’s plenty of time left on the tax. This way those that ‘forget’ to renew their insurance will get a reminder and have to deal with it or else.

  2. The fascist machine will continue to accept SORN so I would not get too aerated about things.

  3. if we don’t get aerated about everything all the time, the statists will think that we are starting to accept their existence on this planet.

    They seriously will, you know, have to go.

  4. Go where? I hope you are not implying that the leftists will have to be ‘evacuated for resettlement in the East’.

    I’d prefer to make them dress up as clowns and be mocked by small children wherever they go.

  5. I am unfortunately coming round, in my very old age, to this conclusion:

    That the leftists have always been, are now, and always will be, unfathomably (by us at any rate) wicked and purposefully evil, driven by greatly focussed resolution and conviction that their badness is good. Thus, that what we know to be opjectively good is therefore by definition bad, and that their vision should be forced on all others, on pain of death.

    Yes, I am afraid that they will have to go. Sean Gabb has been in favour of “Committees of Truth and Reconciliation.” I am not. My experience of leftists is that the grip that their ideology imposes on their souls and hearts is actually so terminally-corrosive of that essential inner spark of self-doubt – call it “conscience” if you like – that protects them from going that last yard into fully-planned and oobjectively-designed wickedness, that they cannot and will not accept, ever, to apologise, or understand what atonement might be.

    I mean, think about it: think about the people who run “ASH” for example, or MPs such as Kerry McCarthy who wants to put all Bristol men on the DNA database. These people really do mean what they say, and it can only imply ineradicable wickedness.

    I’m not sure I’d want to “send then East” – Western Russia is not a bad place and may yet contain ordinary good human beings, who’d be appalled at what we have sent them.

    But the chief lefties, all of them, those who have “managed programmes” or “run departments”, or “shaped policy” (this last one will make an offender from among them fall especially into a danger-area in my eyes), will, I fear, have to go. Not being an innately cruel man, unlike these people, I may actually have to delegate sentencing-powers to someone else.

  6. Maybe it could be possible to give them a country to go and build their Utopia, free from the evils of free markets and free speech.

    They can call it a Peoples Democratic Republic and have fun denouncing each other for political impurities and deviations and putting each other in reeducation camps.

    We’d need to take care that they were kept completely isolated through.

  7. We’d need to be armed to the teeth, if we allowed them that.