All watch “netroots” evil people

David Davis

Old Holborn has been sending what I, in the 1990s in the early days of “eurofaq” and “YEM”, used to call ” a boat party” (which is to say: go there openly or otherwise and observe what’s going on) to the “left’s” conference on how to use the www to further leftoNazism.

Yes these people may look somewhat quaint and naive in their appreciation of what the www and “digital media” (have you heard anybody calling it that recently?) can do for the cause of socialism. But we must never, ever forget – that these are the ones who, currently, have the guns.

And we have not. I keep on keeping on about the development of the Machine-Longbow, but nobody seems to want to listen.

6 responses to “All watch “netroots” evil people

  1. Be of good cheer.

    The leftists are terrible at propagating their message in the freedom of the internet. They are so used to having control of the unidirectional old fashioned media, coping with the internet where people get to answer back is almost impossible for them. All their instincts are to lecture and order, and that doesn’t work on the internet.

    Yes, a Machine Longbow would be an excellent tool for liberty, but one step at a time………

  2. It’ll need its own trailer and generator, so it’s not a “concealed-carry” weapon. But that might turn out to be an advantage. They might be rather cheap to prepare and buy, so people could have lots of them. And you could pull it with horses, which don’t require government petrol.

  3. C H Ingoldby

    I think it would take the government about 12 minutes to outlaw them if you really did turn up on the streets with such a wonderful device.

    I suppose then you could go and hide in Sherwood forest and fight a campaign against rapacious government from your verdant lair.

  4. They’d have to kill us in public. It’d be on twitter and Youtube in a trice.

  5. And think of the pics of dead-and-dying-and dismembered-horses… far worse and woman-shocking than dying-men.

    And I’ve a suspicion that our steel-bodkins could pierce body-armour.

  6. Oh dear, serious moral dilema here. What if the leftists resort to riding horses when confronting the machine archers for liberty?

    Could the risk of harming innocent horses be justified by the greater good of squishing the odious leftists?