The rotten heart of the global-warm-mongerators

David Davis

I popped over to Samizdata and spotted a good analysis of the supposed morality of the GreeNazis here, ably articulated by Brendan o’neill. Jonathan did his usual masterful précis of the thoughts of the deep-greens, and I quote from Brendan a bit more than is already germane in the Samizdata bit:-

‘The snow outside is what global warming looks like’, said one headline, in a newspaper which 10 years ago said that the lack of snow outside is what global warming looks like. A commentator said that anyone who says ‘what happened to global warming?’ is an ‘idiot’ because nobody ever claimed that global warming would ‘make Britain hotter in the long run’. (Er, yes they did.) Apparently the reason people don’t understand the (new) global-warming-causes-snow thesis is because they are ‘simple, earthy creatures, governed by the senses’: ‘What we see and taste and feel overrides analysis. The cold has reason in a deathly grip.’

This reveals the stinging snobbery at the heart of the politics of global warming. Because what we have here is an updated version of the elitist idea that the better classes have access to a profound and complicated truth that the rest of us cannot grasp. Where we have merely sensory reactions (experience), they have reason and analysis (knowledge). Our critical reaction to the snow actually revealed our failure to understand The Truth, as unveiled by The Science, rather than revealing their wrongheadedness in predicting an ‘end to snow’. We are ‘simple’, they are ‘reasoned’. In 2011, we should take everything that is said by this new doom-mongering expert caste with a large pinch of salt – and then spread that salt on the snow which they claimed had disappeared from our lives.

2 responses to “The rotten heart of the global-warm-mongerators

  1. Roger Thornhill

    In a word: priesthood

  2. Howard R Gray

    Don’t be sick on your way by mass transit to see Gloria on Monday! Perhaps the glory of the leftist world is passing… last! Ever the optimist, I believe that failure to deal with the evidence of the outcomes of their ideas condemns them to failure. Having the guns won’t cut it; the inability to commandeer the true mass media of the internet won’t work either. Their fundamental routine of building dishonesty into their propaganda and agit prop will sideline them eventually. Our job is to help them do that asap.

    The sad thing is that appeals to logic and reason just don’t work on millenarians. We have had Nazis, communism, and now environmentalism. Perhaps I am peculiar but snow on the ground seems to me something to do with coldness, especially so much of it. Ho hum! How can I possibly be so Neanderthal as to believe there is no such thing as global warming? The nice thing about being a Neanderthal is that my ancestors learnt to make fire with two sticks to stay warm as the ice age came on. Back then we understood global cooling, once an occasional itinerant polar bear called by our long house in Godalming and chowed down on the local shaman, rather making the point about cold climates being here for a while. Poor fellow was want to warn the flock that men in the future would claim excessive snow fall could only be caused by very hot weather. That was before we invented the words “go figure”.

    Global warming is just that “global warming” an idea that has had its time soon to be in the dustbin of history. We best be ready for what happens next, never expect them to be consistent or correct they are just the elite, you know, the clowns that claim to be running the show. Perhaps we should get out those conical hats with the “D” on them and send them to the nearest university departments where this nonsense emanates from.