A re-arrangement of the deckchairs

David Davis

Estonia, strangely, is going to join a sinking currency.

3 responses to “A re-arrangement of the deckchairs

  1. A small State, its elite seduced by the corrupt baubles of the EU and its peoples scared into believing that they have to embrace the EU or else risk being wrecked by its bigger neighbours.

    And yet another democracy is subverted.

  2. Nobody said they _have to_ abolish the Kroon. They were just bludgeoned as you say. Well I suppose it’s some more innocent people’s money that’ll disappear into the EuroFire.

  3. David, I don’t think they can allow the EU to crumble, which would happen if the Euro did.
    I have the horrible suspicion that like QE2, 3, 4 and however far the Fed goes in the US, good money will just be poured after bad in order to prop up the single currency.