Paul Marks agrees

David Davis

…about the left’s hegemonic control of education, schools and the Universities, and what needs to be broken or else we are in a New Dark Age.

2 responses to “Paul Marks agrees

  1. Quite true. As a teacher i am very aware of the general leftwing bias in the education system.

    I’m not so sure about the solution. Perhaps Gove’s ‘free schools’ will be a useful step. Increased fees to universities may also help enforce some market discipline on the Leftists (although the example of American higher education is not encouraging).

  2. Viturally the only American universities where leftist ideology (of one sort or another) has not taken over are the ones that do NOT accept “loans”.

    Not only have government backed (and now officially government) loans vastly increased the cost of higher education over the decades (just as subsidies for farmers increase the cost of farm land, or subsidies and regualtions in health care explode costs there) they also directly and indirectly lead to political leftism.

    The “indrectly” is clear enough – the rise of a general attitude that important things need to be done in “partnership” with government……..

    But it is also directly.

    The obvious example is Hillsdale College.

    Founded by ardent anti slavery people in the mid 19th century Hillsdale always prided itself on being uninterested in the colour of someone’s skin.

    No one was ever turned away on absurd grounds such as skin colour. Yet suddenly the Federal government started to ask for detailed racial statistics (and statistics or how many female students there were and so on…).

    “We are not interested in such things – we are here to help someone educate their minds, we are not interested in what sort of body the mind is in”.

    “Well you had better get interested then – because we are giving you orders, after all some of your students get student loans thanks to us so……”

    The words are mine (the real words are many hundred of pages long), but the events are real.

    The Federal government, using loans as an justification, tried to make Hillsdale adopt administrative practices (and the idea that administrative matters do not effect teaching is, of course, false) that it did not wish to adopt.

    Even when Hillsdale formally refused to allow any student wishing to attend the college to accept a government backed loan – the government still sort to control the institution (there was long court battle).

    The “bottom line” ……

    Almost all American “private” universities are not private.

    As for American private schools…….

    Teaching training – the need to be a “qualified teacher” and who controls that process (for example Bill Ayers and his wife wrote some of the leading textbooks used in American teacher training ).

    See how it works?

    It is not always indirect and subtle.