How Do I allow Someone Else to Post to this Blog?

6 responses to “How Do I allow Someone Else to Post to this Blog?

  1. Let him get a wordpress id and account to log into, if he has not one already. He’ll need to give them one email address.

    You or I need this email and his wordpress id and name (NOT his password!) Then either of us can invite him, or possibly just add him as author or contributor right away. (NOT as administrator! Admins can do other stuff like edit other people’s posts, modify or delete comments, or even “delete blog”…)

  2. David and Sean, I just set up an ID and posted my blog article about family values, and it is in the queue for review!

  3. David, thank you for approving my blog and it is on display now – but why didn’t my username appear with the article so that people knwo it is mine? Do I need to put my name at the top?

  4. I’ve published it, hope that’s allright! If not, you can go to the dashboard, find “posts” in the left sidebar, get yours, click on “edit”, and well, edit it! You could also add your name (as you want it to appear but it should be in blue italic for corporate identity) if you want.

  5. I can’t edit an approved post – I think only the administrators can do that. OK – I’ll put my name at the top in future…

  6. Well, that went better than I expected.