Now for a cold and dark Britain

Michael Winning

The buggers don’t like us you see. Chris Hoon or someone of that name wants to close all our power stations, the ones that work actually, and build a load of bloody useless non-functioning wondmills. Don’t know about you but out driving today I saw many wind turbines as one does round here, and they are all stationary…..except some.

Werry odd as there’s no wind. I expect the grid’s being used to turn a pile of them so all the sheeple think they are producing some power, eh?

Why’s nobody doing some thinking around here?


5 responses to “Now for a cold and dark Britain

  1. I’ve been doing some thinking.

    My thinking is that every windturbine contains large amounts of neodymium, a scarce rare earth metal. Many more windturbines are going to be built as our masters can not admit they are mistaken. Therefore, the price of neodymium is going to rise.

    I’ve been thinking about what mining companies i’ll be investing in.

  2. As reported over the last few months, nearly all the rare earth mines are in China… Perhaps you could invest in a backstop for supplies…


  3. There are some mining companies on the London stockmarket that have prospects. Greenland, Australia and Africa have deposits being developed. It’s speculative but the share prices have been rising because of the need to break China’s monopoly.

  4. The largest rare-earths mine in the world was always in the Western USA. It’s still there, and I think being re-opened as the prices go up.

  5. The largest rare earth mine in the USA is closed and the buildings used for a pet supplies shop.

    There are no current plans to reopen the mine. Apparently the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to ‘stimulate’ the American economy find better investments than in actual wealth creating activities such as mining extremely valuable materials and breaking an unfriendly monopoly on a vital material used in all electronics.