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Various matters in addition to my new and wonderful novel.

1 Free Food and Drink

The Committee of the Libertarian Alliance request the pleasure of your company at:

Happy Free Market Christmas 2010: The Libertarian Alliance Christmas Reception for the UK’s Free Market and Civil Liberties Movement

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Drinks and Canapé Reception 6.00-9.00pm

National Liberal Club

One Whitehall Place

London SW1A 2HE

The dress code for this event is lounge suit or smart casual. RSVP Dr. Helen Evans at

2. Christmas Greetings

Please accept my best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. If you celebrate some other festival at this time of year, do enjoy that one instead. Bear in mind that, if you think the world is already an awful place, it will be worse come next Christmas. So tuck into that turkey while it’s still in the shops and you can afford it.

3. The Churchill Memorandum

Now to the main reason for my message. Though I promised it for the 20th January 2011, copies of my new novel, The Churchill Memorandum, are now available – or are subject to postal delays. Anyone who wants to buy a copy, anywhere in the world, can expect to have it delivered within three to five working days.

But why should you want to buy The Churchill Memorandum? The short answer is that it is probably a very clever and entertaining story, owning much to John Buchan, to Sapper, and to the early Ian Fleming – and with a few ironic bows to George Orwell. If you like this sort of thing – or if you are just a very conservative English nationalist – you will enjoy The Churchill Memorandum.

Let me turn now to a longer answer. All through my life, nearly everyone has  accepted the Churchill Myth. This is that Germany in the 1930s was crying out to be crushed, and that only one man had the wisdom and resolve to do this. And so, by some act approaching the providential, once we were properly at war with Germany, Winston Churchill came to power. During the next five years, he was the most determined and implacable enemy of German aggression. At the end of that war, his country was bankrupt and the place it had held in the world for the previous quarter millennium was now unsustainable. But so what? This had, after all, been our “Finest Hour”. And if England was now to decline, America was there to pick up the fallen torch of world power. After a slight rearrangement of positions within it, the “Anglosphere” would continue through the 20th century, spreading right, truth and justice.

I first realised what crap all this was in 1981. I was an undergraduate, and had accidentally agreed to write my dissertation  not about the Byzantine Empire, but about the Second World War. I began my research in no doubt of the Churchill Myth. I was surprised to see how quickly and completely it fell apart. Germany was never a threat to England. The War ruined us financially and morally – not least because the deal Churchill made for fighting it was that the left should be given control over domestic policy. It massively aggrandised a morally corrupt and viciously Anglophobic America, and brought about a Bolshevik occupation of Eastern and Central Europe. As for the crimes committed by the National Socialists, these were made conceivable only once a total war had been fought and lost.

Anyone who thinks the Second World War was “the Good War” is deluded. It was a catastrophe from which our civilisation may never recover.

The Churchill Memorandum helps advance this case by imagining what might have happened if Hitler had died in 1939 and there had been no War. My own view is that, alive or dead, he was no threat to England. But I make this much concession to the established wisdom by assuming that the man is dead. No War means no collapse of British or Japanese power, and no breakout into the world of the comparably if differently evil Soviet Union and United States. It also means the cooling of German National Socialism into something half-Franco, half-Hapsburg.

Go forward twenty years, to 1959, and England is still England. The Queen is on her throne. The pound is worth a pound. All is right with the world – or with that quarter of it lucky enough to repose under an English heaven.

Rejoicing in this happy state of affairs, Anthony Markham takes his leave of a nightmarish, totalitarian America – an America where Alan Greenspan is summarily executed as an enemy of the people, and Harry J. Anslinger is the President. Markham has a biography to write of a dead and now largely forgotten Winston Churchill, and has had to travel to where the old drunk left his papers. But little does Markham realise, as he returns to his safe, orderly England, that he carries, somewhere in his luggage, an object that can be used to destroy England and the whole structure of bourgeois civilisation as it has been gradually restored since 1918.

Who is trying to kill Anthony Markham? For whom is Major Stanhope really working? Where did Dr Pakeshi get his bag of money? What connection might there be between Michael Foot, Leader of the British Communist Party, and Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan? Why is Ayn Rand in an American prison, and Nathaniel Branden living in a South London bedsit? Where does Enoch Powell fit into the story? Above all, what is the Churchill Memorandum? What terrible secrets does it contain?

All will be revealed – but not till after Markham has gone on the run through an England unbombed, uncentralised, still free, and still mysterious.

You can buy copies of The Churchill Memorandum for a mere £9.99. Order yours now from here:

or here:

2 responses to “New Book by Sean Gabb

  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I agree that the result of the war was totally disastrous for civilisation, however i think that you underestimate the malevolent vision and dynamism of Hitler. He personally did constitute a threat to liberty.

    Your device of him dying in 1939 is good. All the leadership of the Nazi Party and of the German Armed forces were opposed to Hitlers military expansionism. Without Hitler it is almost inconceivable that the second world war would have happened with all its horrors and the attendant, possibly terminal, crisis in western civilisation.

  2. Hitler of course was not the only pre-capitalist-barbarian-socialist on the scene at the time. Stalin was just over the fence on the right of the garden. Who is to say he would not have posed an equal aggressive threat? Specially as western lefites in the 30s and 40s were falling over themselves to adulate and brown-nose him.

    Nevertheless, I will enjoy haveing a go at this book. It is always worthwhile to be challenged in one’s assumptions, even though Churchill did indeed singlehandedly save the world, all by himself. He weaponised a whole language: now that’s something the lefties don’t know how to do!