Wikileaks: better late than never

Wikileaks’ domain name may be shut down, but you can still access it at this  address:

2 responses to “Wikileaks: better late than never

  1. resolves to that IP address.

    There are also the mirrors, conveniently accessed via

  2. Some of Wikileaks’ top secret cables are laughable. What is “secret” about the rise in the UK Muslim population (

    However, the US cable does say that 28% of Muslims are in council accommodation in the UK – and I have never seen the figures broken down that way before. 31% of working age Muslim men are “economically inactive” and 69% of working age Muslim women are too. Bear in mind that Vince Cable regards Muslim immigration as vital to the economy!

    24% of Muslim women and 21% of Muslim males claim a disability! Sounds like benefit fraud to me! Or maybe UK officials are unwilling to examine their claims too closely.

    32% of Muslims believe killing in the name of religion is justified, whereas only 2% of non-Muslims in the UK believe that…

    Some interesting discussion of the facts, but hardly “top secret”…