Trade and food and self-sufficiency

Michael Winning

I always get riled by folks that bleat “we should grow our food locally and cut emissions/save transport/ eat s”easonal vegetables.”

Well I don’t know about you but I can’t see any veg growing right now here, we are about 890 feet up and the ground is like iron, there’s a thick airfrost and the temp is -6 and it’s the afternoon. So dow e starve or what?

3 responses to “Trade and food and self-sufficiency

  1. Autarky is always an essential component of fascism.

  2. Buying local produce is a nice enough consumer choice. What is a problem is when that choice is imposed and used as an excuse for protectionism. Especially as it inevitably leads to less choice and higher prices. Not a problem for the Guardian reading classes but directly hurting the ‘poor’ who they claim to care so deeply for.

    Personally, i think fruit in winter is one of the great achievements of civilisation and i will be tempted to violence by anyone who seeks to retard the progress we have so painfully made over the years.

  3. The point I think Mike is making is that “local food” is a luxury that metropolitan people in an advanced-First-World-Civilisation, equipped as they are with all the machinery of global distribution of anything, can afford to affect to like.

    And they don’t even have to _/pretend/_ to be impressed by all the understucture, and _/swan’s-feet-paddling-furiously-under-the-surface-while-the-ship-sails-calmly-on-above….er…. stuff/_ .

    It riles him and it riles me. FOOD MILES?

    As Mr German, our Latin and History teacher in 1960 (who went Over The Top on 1st July 1916, and lived to tell us little boys about the Somme) used to say….

    “Food miles? MY TROUSERS!”