UN Global-Warm-Mongerators…always wrong, all the time

David Davis

We’ve come to expect it, since they do it on purpose.


The pretence, of course, of appearing manfully to try to shore up a wrong position (although based on falsified data – a fact still not widely known or believed, despite the Climate-Gate scandal) is a good position for them to take. It makes them look like heroic, altruistic martyrs in the service of “The People”.

These droids are very, very clever, far-seeing, and have planned their strategic and fundamental assault on civilisation for a very, very long time.

WE must never, ever underestimate their resourceful and ferociously-focussed pursuit, in the face of all opprobrium, of their objective of irreversible enslavement of all people: this will be in a living hell encompassing the Whole Earth, where all except the bastards themselves will endure the torments specially reserved for the damned.

2 responses to “UN Global-Warm-Mongerators…always wrong, all the time

  1. ‘even the most ambitious pledges to cut carbon emissions are not enough to stop runaway climate change, the United Nations has warned. ‘

    If this is true then why bother anyway?

    If we are all doomed anyway then we might as well just care on as before and have some fun before we are all roasted by the evil, totally terrible 2C increase in temperature.

    Am i really the only one to think ‘fuck it’ if the cost of not destroying the worlds economy is a temperature rise of 2C then i’ll just get some short sleeved shirts? (and it’s all lies anyway)

  2. Happily I ignore all of it and will say so if asked to venture an opinion on the dire threat of globular temperature elevation. It is manifest bull, crap, garbage, and will remain so however it is dressed up.

    I just finished reading Sean Gab’s review of a Social Affairs publication that stands as a fine indictment of how these minds work. Delusions and fads are a menace, I will grant you that, but the future is not in the hands of those who lie and serve up this drivel, if there is one thing that encourages me it is that all these fools will die and so will the mind fevers they espouse. I believe it was Hayek who made the comment somewhere on the lines that you have to wait for your opponents to die to get rid of this stuff.

    The optimistic point is that there appears to be a deeper trend towards the truth however obscure that it might be. I think we should take it, if we so wish, as a lead to venture out like conger eels to attack these twits in the press, on blogs, and the media in general. It won’t stop them but is will put up their blood pressure and who knows what that might do?